Enjoy a Relaxing Bath The Envoy Way

10 Steps to Enjoy a Relaxing Bath The Envoy Way

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The thought of enjoying a luxurious warm bath is a dream come true. Nothing warms the heart and soul better than taking time out to enjoy a relaxing bath. Believe me when I say, it is one of the best ways to relieve stress.

Before now I had thought about having a bubble bath just for the sake of creating contents and to spoil myself. Little did I know I would invited to stay over at a luxury boutique hotel. After I got the invitation to stay at The Envoy, I knew instantly God has answered my prayers. I get to relax for real and save money on getting a place to enjoy a relaxing bath.

On an all expense paid 1-day staycation at The Envoy Hotel – treated to fine dining, stay-in-and-chill, and a tour of the hotel. I decided to end my stay with an ultimate form of relaxation before going to bed. What better way to end my staycation than with a long relaxing bath.


Enjoy a Relaxing Bath The Envoy Way

In this post I will be sharing 10 tips to take to enjoy a relaxing bath the Envoy way.

1. Put together your bath supplies.

First things first are the essential things you need for a bath. Put together a list of what you would need for a bath – essential oils, choose the right essential oil for your mood – lavender is good for relaxing, scented candles, rose pedals, bath soap etc.

2. Place a sleepwear on the bed.

After bath, you will be too tired, so sorting out what to sleep in before bath will come in handy. I brought a very cosy sleepwear, laid it on the bed so when I come in I just sleep right away.

3. Make sure the bath tub is clean.

Before you set up the scene for a bath, I will advice you make sure the bath tub is as clean as possible. You wouldn’t want to lay in a dirty bath, would you?! The bath tub in The Envoy Hotel is extremely clean but I still had to rinse it off.

4. Set up the scene

A perfect scene to relax your mind. Sprinkle rose pedals, light the candles. The hotel was so kind lend me LED tea lights in short glasses to spice up the scene.

Enjoy a Relaxing Bath The Envoy Way

5. Prepare your bath

You want the water to be warm enough to soak in for at least half an hour without it getting too cold, but not so hot that it’s uncomfortable! Check the temperature until you are comfortable with the temperature. Once the water is half way add 8 drops of essential oil and allow the water to fill up.

6. Put on your face mask

Tie your hair up and apply your favorite face mask on your face, face mask will give you a time frame of how long you have been in the tub as you have to take them off at most after 15 minutes. A face mask can be very relaxing when used while you’re taking a bath. On weekend I like to mask my face, so perfect timing, I put on my face mask.

7. Pour yourself a glass of champagne, sip all the way!

What do your fancy? A glass of wine or champagne to relax. Pour yourself a glass. The Envoy Abuja was so kind to treat me to a bottle of champagne so I could enjoy a much better relaxing bath.

Enjoy a Relaxing Bath The Envoy Way8. Dip in!

Now dip yourself in! See it as a way of enjoying some much needed ‘me time’. Just as you might set aside an hour to watch your favourite TV show, think of taking a bath in the same way, putting aside time to rest, relax and wind down.

9. Now relax!

For real, you need to relax! Lie your back down, close your eyes. Empty your mind, think of nothing but you lying down in a bath tub relaxing. You can stay in the bath tub as long as you want. As far as you the water is still warm for you.

10. Wash off and dry.

Take a shower after your done so that you do not feel that you had your bath in your own sweat.

Keep these 10 tips in mind and enjoy a relaxing bath when you book a couple night out at The Envoy. The Envoy is hosting a date night for couples which goes for N30,000 for 3 course meal  dinner and wine tasting and N100,000 if you would like to stay in and covers the 3 course meal dinner.

Enjoy a Relaxing Bath The Envoy WayWhat is your favourite way to relax? What is your routine like? Would you love to enjoy a relaxing bath? 



*This post is a sponsored post by The Envoy Hotel* – All contents are written in my own words by me.


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