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I have been compiling this list for a while now and I think it’s a fun way to share some interesting life lessons I have Iearnt in 25 years. Some lessons that I appreciate the most and I hope you enjoy and learn something.

Love Yourself

This had to come first, I cannot emphasize enough how important it is to love yourself. The love you show is what you give to someone else; you cannot give what you do not have. Waiting on love from others is like waiting to exist. It is important for us to love ourselves as much as me can, that same love we would show to our neighbour and the world will be a better place. If you don’t love yourself, how will you love other?

Forgive Yourself

When you forgive yourself, you learn to forgive others too. I blamed myself for things I was wrong for, things I was not sure, I was wrong for, things others were wrong about. Living with unforgiveness derailed me, made me to judge myself and see no good in myself. Not until I had an encounter that I decided to forgive myself of everything. Forgiving myself, I loved myself more, I moved on and became better.

Things Get Tough

Things get tough and it ok to cry. I have many challenges in life, I cry! Bad days do not last forever and so do good. Learn to handle situations during bad times and cherish all the good times

Be Yourself

Be yourself you will never keep up. Being your self is enough to succeed. Its about who you choose to be and how you choose to show up while you do whatever you choose to do. be try to what you are and what you believe in.

Never Forget Those Who Have Helped You

Each person that you’ve encountered in life has played some vital role which has made you grown. Do not forget them.

Understand That Everything Is Temporary

Life can be painful at time but all of it is temporary. It hurts most times, the pain is temporary, healing start, and we learn from our circumstances. When its amazing, enjoy the moment while it lasts.

Do Not Seek Validation

Seeking validation from people will limit you from achieving certain things in life.

Nobody’s Opinion Matter

Your opinion of yourself is the only thing that should be able to make or break your day, your mood, your drive, your image, and your life. How you see yourself will determine your limit and how much you get out of life. I have learnt to do what makes me happy, be with those that make me smile, laugh and love as much as I live. I respect that other people may have different opinions but when your opinion threatens my  peace of mind, I will remind you that we do not live the same life and your opinion works for you but doesn’t work for me.

Do Not Conform To The Society

Its ok to not fit in with the society. People who strive to fit in and conform to the society are some of the most subservient and controlled people you will ever meet. I’m not bent to conform to what people regard as norm, I would ask questions because I need answers. Because every one does it, doesn’t mean I would join the crowd. Imagine a group of people who supposedly have an imaginary hierarchy and feel that certain group of people do not meet their standards. Chances are you’re on the right path if you feel like you do not fit in with most of the society .

Drink Water And Mind Your Business

Most Nigerians have the habit of always in people’s business, why should someone be worried about the happening in peoples like. Learn to mind your business, it keeps you healthy!

Do Not Put Anyone On A Pedestal

People will always disappoint you, and even the most famous and powerful people are just people.

You Are Not The Centre Of The World

You are not the center of the world but you are the center of the world of your own world.

Be Skilful

Preparedness meets Opportunity. Create a table with 3 columns: company name, job type, and 2-3 sentences of why you are interested in and put out a job application. Learn a skill like catering, tailoring, website designing, makeup artistry etc. Write a list of all your skills, you will find surprising what your skills are – it’s just not natural to go about listings your skills. An idle man mind allows negative thoughts to creep in and clutter your mind. So therefore work on that hobby you’ve been trying to pick up. Skillshare.com

Be Grateful

Gratitude is essential, from the warm bed to the sunset and the people you share experience with, love fully and try not to take things for granted. God is faithful. Be grateful to God for everything.

Do Not Compare Yourself

You will never be happy if you compare your life to the lives of others. Comparing yourself to others is futile.  Do not compare yourself to anyone, easier said than done but it is something to handle as a young adult. The brief insight you get into other lives does not represent the complex human beneath the scratched Surface.

Your Morals Are Not Others Morals

Open-minded people do not impose their beliefs on others. They accept all of life’s perpectives and realities doing their own thing in peace. Next time you try to impose your morals on others, remember that their morals are not the same as yours.

Do Not Stress Over Situations

There is a direct link between stress and diseases. Worrying over situations in your life makes you sick, older, and draws you away from God because at the end of the day you seek to make wrong decisions.

Read More Books

Seek out books that can teach you knowledge and skills to accomplish your goals. Knowledge is power. I read books to grow in knowledge. A lot I have learnt from the books I pick up to read.

Write Stuffs Down

I write down things on my mind on paper and get them off my mind. Writing down your task and ideas helps to keep your head in the right frame of mind. Journalling helps you explore some different areas of your life that you didn’t think about. This exploration allows you to find something on your mind that you didn’t realize were there that needs to be eliminated or pursued.

You Are Responsible For Yourself

Take responsibility for every single thing in your life, from life decisions to inner thoughts. Trust yourself fully, follow your intuition or fall victim of endless overthinking.

Take Care Of Yourself

What’s the first thing you do in the morning, these 6 steps I consciously go through every morning has helped me to be aware and stay in the right frame of mind.

Don’t Be Quick To Judge

I always wonder how easy it is for people to judge others and neglect the fact that if they are  put themselves in the same situation that they criticize, they would do worse than the other party without thinking carefully. I wonder who made people Judge Judy.  You just don’t know what’s going on in another person’s life. You don’t know the entire situation. Take a look into your own life before you feel the need to judge. Learn to keep an open mind or keep your judgement to yourself. We should make conscious effort to not judge people but to understand the reason for their act.

Learn to let go

I was in an on and off type of relationship. It was one of the worst things in life, that messed up my mental space until I made the decision to let go of the toxic relationship. I found the problem, allowed myself to feel the pain, discover the lessons and focused on empowering myself. It can be tempting to hang on, doing so may prevent you from moving on with your life.  The simple act of getting the feelings out of you has a positive influence in the process of letting go. You bet, I’m in a good place! I deserved more, I got more!

Don’t Splurge Money

One of the many reasons I love to shop on Aliexpress is I spend less on things that are of good value. After I left my job in December 2016, I spent the whole of my 2017 jobless that had a toll on my finances. I knew I had to cut down on many expenses. The Smart Money Woman by Arese helped me during this period. I also substituted to shopping for most the things I needed from Aliexpress. Most of the things we spend money on are most times not necessary. Find out the bad spending habits that make you waste money and try working on them.

Age Is Not Just A Number

I turn 26 tomorrow with 25 years of memories, conversations, and connections not 25 years of age. Some of the  experinces I leave behind and a lot of lessons I have learnt. From now onward, I intend to take one day at a time, being aware of my actions and thoughts and living my life to the fullest according to how God has programmed my life. I am forever grateful to GOD for a new year.

Whats the best life lessons you’ve ever learned?




  1. They have not necessarily made me change, they just made me beat myself and worry me. I thank God for growth actually, I never knew I’ll get to this point in my life where I’m unperturbed by people who question my every action or behaviour.

    I’m sure my reply sounds like a parable but thank you for writing us, you really struck a chord!💞

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  4. Hungwa Esther says:

    Self love stands number one for me too and I can relate to almost all on this list. Enjoy your birthday darling ❤️

    1. TonyeBarimalaa says:

      I totally agree! When we love ourselves, we desperately want to improve our lifestyles and do things that add value to our lives. http://bytonye.com/6-steps-to-improve-your-life-every-morning Thank your for birthday wishes!

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