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3 Sophisticated Looks from a Nigerian Fashion Brand

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I’m introducing a new series to my blog – Nigerian fashion brand. I will be highlighting products from competent fashion brands in Nigeria so I can review their products and services. Best believe that I will be doing a thorough research before purchasing items that would suit everyone’s budget.

Today, I’m highlighting a brand called LW Couture – a Nigerian fashion brand based in Abuja, Nigeria. If you know me, you know they make most of my outfits. They specialize in making custom, bespoke and ready to wear pieces for women.

I will sharing 3 looks from the brand but before I do that permit me to share a tip.

When planning to purchase new clothing items, bear in mind the pieces you already own; how you can pair the new pieces with the ones in your closet that way you are able to maximize your outfits and styling choices.


Look 1

It is a two-piece set – a wrap sleeveless blazer jacket with trousers. What I love about this set is the fact that they can be styled separately. You can pair the trousers with a white button down shirt and style the sleeveless wrap jacket as a dress worn over a bralette, bustier corset or a long-sleeved t-shirt with sneakers or heels for entirely different looks. I also like its made with quality patterned texture fabric, the clean finishing and details.

  • Chic set – N15,000


Look 2

For the second look, I’m wearing another trousers – this time a bit fitted but the material has a stretchy element. Just like the first look, the cut of the trousers are straight, so well made with clean finishing. I’m pairing the black trousers with a wrap silk top. The material of the silk top is thicker than the usual silk fabric you see around and breathable. We all know black trousers are wardrobe staple and has numerous way to style. I see myself pairing the seal silk top with a navy blue trousers.

  • Seal Wrap Top – N6,000
  • Black Trousers- N7,000

Look 3

For the final look, I’m wearing a slightly similar outfit like the first look. It is a perfectly paired textured green Aztec print jacket and trousers set. If you follow me on Instagram, you may also have seen my recent posts shows how I have styled the green Aztec print jacket.

Like I said earlier, you can maximize your styling options depending on what you already have in your closet. It is the same case if you are thinking of ways to style any two-piece sets. The green trousers is a loose fit because it is made with stretchy light crepe fabric which I paired with a leopard print top that I already own.

  • Jacket (sold out in this fabric)
  • Green trousers: N7,000

Overall, all the clothing pieces are of good quality fabrics. The trousers all have pockets, you know ladies we like our pockets. All the outfits appear to give a very clean and sophisticated look.

I collaborated with four Nigerian fashion bloggers @opeyemisdiary @debwritesblog @princessaudu @the_estephany to promote fashion brands in Nigeria, Check out their blogs to discover more brands that I’m sure you will definitely love.

What do you think about the 3 looks? Which look suit your personal style? Let me know in the comment section below, and let’s connect!



  1. Look 3 with the leopard print is my fav.

  2. Lovely post

  3. I totally enjoy reading this and this is so well done.

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