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5 Common Ways to Style an Ankara Jumpsuit

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I love versatile outfits – what better way to embrace versatility into your closet than adding Ankara pieces like this Ankara jumpsuit to your closet? You can never go wrong with a well-tailored Ankara jumpsuits – they are super chic, stylish and timeless + I like that they can be styled up or down with little to no effort.

Have you ever wondered at times how to style a jumpsuit, accessorize, decide on what to do to your hair or the type of shoes you wear. I received this Ankara jumpsuit with a cape from a brand called Duroshan and I decided to create an elegant look, so I paired it with a black open toe heeled sandals, a yellow bag and a belt to switch up the look.


How to style an Ankara jumpsuit

Jumpsuits can be a little intimidating and if not worn correctly can make you look shorter or wider than you are. Lets look at this 5 ways to style an Ankara jumpsuit.

1.      Step up your ankara jumpsuit with a cape

Fortunately for me, this Ankara jumpsuit came with a detachable cape that can be styled in four ways. Adding a detachable cape is a great way of adding a bit of oomph to your jumpsuit. For a creative look, I placed the cape in front leaving the back open. At first glance, you would think I’m wearing a dress. Another way I switched up the look was to place the cape covering one side i.e. on the left or right hand side.

2.      Ditch the cape

Doing away with the cape means dressing down the entire look. If I were to go further to dress down this look I would replace the heels with a flat sandals, a crossbody bag and make sure I have on a longer hair.

3.      Cinch your waist

I have to emphasize the point of not losing your figure. A lot of jumpsuits comes with a cloth belt the same colour of the jumpsuit or you can easily add your belt to define your waist just like I did here. This jumpsuit came with a cape but I ditched it to create another look by adding a belt. Cinching your jumpsuit at the waist is a great way to add some femininity to the look and give you that curvy look.

4.      Wear heels with wide leg jumpsuits

If you are wondering what shoes to wear with a jumpsuit, always opt for heels! Wearing heels is a style rule I follow because you do not want to appear short or frumpy. Create the illusion of long and lean by not having the bottom of the jumpsuit bunch up. Imagine I wore this wide-leg jumpsuit with sandals or flats, the bottom half would look sloppy. It would look like I’m wearing a jumpsuit that doesn’t fit, and it would make me look shorter.

5.      Choose an appropriate hairstyle

The final step to pulling off an elegant Ankara jumpsuit look is deciding what to do with your hair. These Ankara jumpsuits reveal more skin around the shoulders, so wearing my hair out right on my shoulder helps to balance the look. Not only does this hairstyle suit the chic look, but it will also help me lengthen my neck to avoid an overwhelming amount of coverage in my shoulder/chest region.

What do you think about this look? Let me know how you would style this one-piece wonder? Please comment below, and let’s connect!


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