6 Steps To Improve Your Life Every Morning Before Breakfast

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Every day, for the past 5 months I try as much as possible to have a productive day by achieving my goals. I clear my mind from every negativity, write down my plans to achieve these goals, have a bigger picture of how I want things to be in the end. And finally, put my plans to action. These 6 steps has helped me to improve my life every morning, kept me in the right state of mind, given me inner peace and courage to face my fears.

6 Steps To Improve Your Life Every Morning Before Breakfast

6 Steps To Improve your life every morning before breakfast

1. Clear your mind: Spend few minutes every morning meditating , decluterring your mind and being mindful of what is going on within your body. Tune out the world and yourself, think of nothing, you’ll be surprised how well you achieve your goal with a clear mind just focusing on your goals.

2. Affirm it: Create specific, action-based affirmations about the steps you need to take to achieve your goals. Speak goals to birth life.

3. Visualise it: Visualize those spoken steps in vivid details and train your brain to accomplish them.

4. Exercise: Get the oxygen and blood flowing, it not only helps energize your day, but those few minutes of exercise help you not neglect your health. You can’t achieve your goals as a sick person. Remember health is wealth.

5. Become a bookworm: Seek out books that can teach you knowledge and skills to accomplish your goals. Knowledge is power. I read books to grow in knowledge. A lot I learn from books I pick up.

6. Write it: Funny how, I accomplish everything I own down in my journal that I set out to achieve. Record specifics on what you’re grateful for, use your journalling time to set your priorities for the day and create action based plan based on your affirmations and visualizations.

Start your morning off with these steps for 30days and get ready to achieve your goals, face you fears, gain courage and see how your life changes.

What are your thoughts on this post? I hope you like it?  What are the steps you take to improve your life every morning?

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