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Tonye Barimalaa is Nigerian DIY Blogger, a Fashion & Lifestyle Blogger. She is very passionate about discovering new recycling hacks, fashion and a self-professed foodie. She secured a bachelor’s degree in Civil engineering from University of Ilorin. There after, she worked as a civil engineer graduate trainee and in a real estate and infrastructure firm. ByTonye serves as a medium for Tonye to share her work, her fashion, her life and everything in between. Presently, she works as a Content Strategist for Bookings Nigeria, Wandering Feet Magazine and Nativedge.

Tonye Barimalaa - Nigerian DIY Blogger


ByTonye is Nigerian DIY, Fashion and Lifestyle blog. The blog was created to cater for daily needs that inspires us to live on a budget so we can spend money on relevant assets. Here we share fun and easy diy (do it yourself), styling tips, beauty, recipes, inspiration, reviews useful for every day living.


I believe in making what you want to own. Maybe the only thing you’ve ever made is make your own meals.  We believe in making things you’ll love and wear now and for seasons to come. With the right materials and a little DIY know–how we’ll turn that “I could totally make it” into “Oh this? I made it.”

I believe DIY should be fun and easy. It shouldn’t involve trips to tons of stores and blogs to gather everything you need. I started ByTonye because I know how hard it is to find the good stuff out there.

ByTonye is all about sharing our favorite tips, tricks and techniques. We believe that we tell the world who we are through the things we create, discover and share.

I hope you stay for a while!

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Abuja, Nigeria.