#BalanceForBetter With Women Collaborating Over Competition

#BalanceForBetter With Women Collaborating Over Competition

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We come together again this year to celebrate International Women’s Day with the theme of #BetterForBalance – Better the Balance, Better the World. This is a call to action for a gender-balanced world. Women in many countries have come a long way, yet there is still a lot of work, most especially in Nigeria.

Everyone has a part to play all the time, everywhere to build a gender-balanced world.

I feel blessed to be in an era where women are setting goals, shattering them, breaking barrier and obstacles, achieving great thing, inspiring younger women to be great. Women have mastered the art of self-love and are putting themselves first and speaking up for a balanced life around the world.

I teamed up with four amazing bloggers  @debwritesblog, @joyneragida, @lailahmoon, @ehikondu in Abuja to shoot for the International Women’s Day. It was nice meeting them and making the shoot a success. My friend Debs asked us some questions regarding the theme of the day.

The real issue still lies. How do we #balanceforbetter?

#BalanceForBetter With Women Collaborating Over Competition

How Do We #BalanceForBetter

In order to reach gender balance, we must think equal to bring about the changes, not only on a world-based platform but also right here in our own little community. That means keeping gender on the radar, challenging stereotypes, and recognizing that gender identities and roles can be fluid. It also means equality for all women in all places. We are responsible to achieve the highest level of equality we can in our community and our country.

#BalanceForBetter With Women Collaborating Over Competition

To contribute to the empowerment of all women worldwide, we must come together to support each other, so doing we tell the world we are a strong force to reckon with. Our voices are heard in numbers as we call out for gender-balance.

Collaborating over competition as bloggers/creative/influencers, we must build smart communities of women from different occupations, status, ethnicity etc., to take on roles to make sure we put our hands out to do what we can for a #BalanceForBetter world.

#BalanceForBetter With Women Collaborating Over CompetitionWe should collaborate rather than compete because I believe we have a natural gift to empower each other.

The future is hopeful for women around the world, but gender imbalance persists and we must innovate for change. The time to restore balance is now. Things are looking up for women. Globally, more women can now stand up for themselves and fight for equal rights.#BalanceForBetter With Women Collaborating Over Competition

To all the women out there who want to balance for better, remember that balance starts with you. It starts with being honest with yourself, thinking of yourself as equals. We should try as much as possible to identify with a community that supports other women and continually speaking up for the need for balance and equality.

How will you #balanceforbetter?

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  1. Anonymous says:

    Nicely curated Hun and I am so glad I met you, it was such a pleasure working on this with you, I look forward to many more.
    P.S you DIY are such candies, I just subscribed before i Stan a creative queen

    1. Hiii, thank you for subscribing! I’m elated at the outcome of our collaboration! It meant a lot to me!

  2. I vame here for the remaining pictures I didn’t see on Deb’s blog. Lol

    Love your take on the topic Tonye and you look like a corporate moneybag.


    1. Hi dear, you’re making my head swell! lol! Thanks dear for reading!

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