how to succesfully balance side hustle and full time job

8 Succesful Ways To Balancing Side Hustle and A Full Time Job

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8 Successful Ways to Balancing Side Hustle and a Full Time Job

Juggling a full time job and side hustle successfully is not for the faint of heart, but it can be done!

I like to plan my daily and monthly activities but when I started a full time job along my side hustles, my life went from well-planned life to crinkum crankum. Literally, my stress level went from 10 – 100 in a snap. I could not keep an organised space anymore; everything was just all around and in my face. I complained to a friend who sent a video to me, and I learnt something that I am going to share later in my post.

Side hustles are one of my favourite methods of making extra money. Here is the drill: Though the outcome of having a side hustle and a full time job can bring good results, finding the right balance might just be mind-boggling.

In today’s post, I will be sharing successful ways to balancing a side hustle and a full time job through my personal experience. These steps have worked for me; it sure would work for you.

how to succesfully balance side hustle and full time job

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How to Successfully Balance Your Side Hustle and Full Time Job – Work/Life Balance

It is becoming more common for millennials to juggle multiple jobs at once in an effort to meet the demands of their corporate job, but to feed the passion and activities that excite them. The case is how you are able to achieve a balance.

1.      Evaluate work-life balance

First, you must be able to evaluate your work-life balance. People make mistakes evaluating their work-life balance. They evaluate it based on collapse metrics, that is when you take your life and evaluate it by one metric (where some people use money, some people use happiness) which means other areas of your life suffer and that is problematic.

Another problematic method is sequencing strategy where you say. “You are going to focus on education and then focus on my career. Later you say you want to focus on my relationship and life’s just never that clear-cut.

I talked about a video my friend shared with me earlier. In the video: Eric Barker, the author of Barking Up the Wrong Tree: The Surprising Science Behind Why Everything You Know About Success Is (Mostly) Wrong reveals four areas you need to fulfill in order to be happy.

For you to achieve a work like balance, you need to evaluate work-life balance based on four metrics: happiness, achievement, significance, and legacy.

Are you passionate about what you are doing? Are you doing well, getting ahead in your career? Is what you are doing having positive effects in the people you love? Are you affecting lives with your skills?

When you are able to deposit a little bit in each one of four buckets (metrics) on a weekly or monthly basis, you will end up finding a good approximation of work-life balance

2.      Planning

Usually before the start of a new month, I always draw out plan for the next month. Activities may not go as planned but the essence of planning is to keep me in check. I know the activities to carry out, prioritize and skip. You cannot have a balance if you do not plan. You just cannot just be working with blind thoughts; it would not help your productivity.

how to succesfully balance side hustle and full time job

3.      Prioritizing

The ability to identify the agenda to prioritize will save you stress and time. My job and clients comes first but that does not mean my blog has to suffer. Though frequency of posting on my blog might reduce but here is the balance, I get everything done. Accept you cannot do it all, prioritize the most important, and make sure that your brain is devoted to the things you have set out to do.

4.      Stop Procrastinating

You need to be prepared to buckle down and hustle—that is why it is side hustle in the first place. As the agenda comes, get things done. Here is why you need to get thing done, your stress level will definitely increase, you are definitely wasting your time and this will lead to you using up time for yourself – which I guess you cannot afford!

5.      Time Management

How do you manage your time? Well, you already know, no time wasted is recovered. A way to keep you on track, give yourself deadlines.  Deadlines that will set your ass on fire but will help you to manage your time effectively and finish work on time. Lack of time management will only reduce your productivity and create more work. During the day, you work your job. Nights, weekends? It is all about the side hustle. There is no mix up whatsoever!

how to succesfully balance side hustle and full time job

6.      Create a Work Calendar

Treat your side hustle with the same amount (or more) discipline that you put into your full time job. Creating a set schedule for your work hours and for your side hustle hours will help you with work-life balance.

The nature of my 9-5 allows me to create a calendar for months. As a 9-5 blogger, the good thing about calendars is that they allow me to work forward instead of coming up with posts off the cuff. In order for me to stay up to date, I create a work calendar for all my activities.

Many bloggers find it best to plan Instagram posts ahead of time by setting one day aside to dedicate to batch planning posts for the month ahead.

You can utilize your Google calendar to implement your side hustle schedule. Aside from scheduling daily tasks, it also helps to schedule & automate tasks that are more mundane.

7.      Own a Journal

If you ask me how I manage to balance my side hustle and full time job, I always never skip to tell you owning a journal is key. Writing things down helps you to declutter your mind, transfer your thoughts and document your agenda. I have separate journal for every work and when it is time to execute, I draw out my to-do-list and plan my daily work agenda.

8.      Have a me time

Thankfully, there is a 4-day holiday; you have all the time to rest. Now is the time to take care of yourself, do your laundry, and plan meals. If possible, take a relaxing bath, listen to good music, and watch a movie. Last weekend, I took a whole day pampering my skin, organizing my clothes, preparing meals and creating meals plans that would last me for a month. I resumed a new week at work on a fresh start. The time I gave myself helped me to stay focused through the week.

how to succesfully balance side hustle and full time jobAbove all, maintain your own health and sanity. Remember that without you, there is no balance between your side hustle and your full-time job.

Are you currently balancing a side hustle with your full-time job? What do you do to make it all work?

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  2. Uju says:

    This totally speaks to me. Makes alot of sense

    1. I’m glad I could help. Thanks for stopping by.

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    Good read, it’s really going to help in keeping a good balance with my passion and financial job

  4. Biola says:

    Nice write up. I particularly like the idea of keeping a journal. There is something about writing down the what, how, when and where elements as it relates to a job/hustle. Thanks for sharing..

    Observation.. I would suggest you try a different font type/size. The use of color would help too.

  5. Oh Tonye, what happened to your like button? I’m definitely in love with this post. This part got me more, “Accept you cannot do it all, prioritize the most important, and make sure that your brain is devoted to the things you have set out to do.”

    Once we understand the essence of why we are involved with what we do, what we want to make out of it and even the energy we plan to invest in it, it makes it all easier.

    For everyone juggling a 9-5 with different side hustles, this is definitely a must read. And thanks for the backlink❤️

    1. Oh dear, thank you for the lovely comment. I’m glad you love the post.
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