BLit Strip Lashes


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For the longest, I have loved makeup products. With the passing in time, we have all seen the evolution of makeup products. The evolution of synthetic individual lashes to mink and human hair strip lashes, the list goes on. There’s always something new and I am currently obsessed with BLit Lashes.

BLit strip lashes

Lets be honest, your makeup is not fully done if you do not have lashes on! A great makeup look is only as good as the lashes. One of my favourite ways to make a makeup look pop is with all of the finishing touches: highlighting, applying lashes and a glossy lip.  Because the holiday season is upon us, there will be lots of events to attend. I need a beauty routine that would make me look face beat to gorgeousness on a budget. Lashes from Blit is definitely going to be part of my beauty routine. 

ByTonye wearing BLit Strip Lashes

BLit lashes features 6 different lash looks. The holiday is the perfect time of the year for bold makeup looks and that’s exactly why I picked two strip lashes from the ranges of BLit lashes ( an extravangant look and a natural look for a subtle everyday makeup). BLit Strip Lashes


How To Wear Strip Lashes

I’m not a makeup artist by any means, but that doesn’t mean that I don’t love dabbling in new products. I wear my lashes myself and here’s how.

  1. Get a strip lashes that fits your style, apply generous amount of lash glue on the lash. Allow to dry for 2 minutes (this time depends on the tendency of the kast glue to dry fast)
  2. With your tweezers, place the lashes at the centre close to your lash line. then adjust the corners to fit your lash line.

Do you know how to wear strip lashes by yourself? Was this video helpful?

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  1. Before now, I was waiting to get a tweezer but after consistently watching pro mua use just their hands to stick it on, I can now wear my lashes without tweezers. However, I love the volume and how natural these lashes look.

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