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While social distancing and working from home, there are days when I need to employ my daily routines to be extra productive while carrying my job in the digital space (social networks and platforms) – which I feel hasn’t been affected badly by the pandemic – the digital media consumption across board has skyrocketed as people spend more time at home, communicate in person less, and tend to now live online, and also rely on social media as a means to keep themselves occupied.

In my opinion, working in the digital space is somewhat a blessing and a curse at the same time. A blessing being that most of our jobs are duly secured. There is always a task to carry out and work to be done – catching up with the recent and upcoming trends. A curse being that it feels like the usual day when there wasn’t a virus outbreak. Nothing changed just that more people are now working from home.

Working as a social media manager for the past 3 years – mostly working from home, I’m still in the learning process of carrying out my daily task effectively but this routines has helped me so far.

4 Daily Routines I Use To Make Sure I Have a Productive Day

Make my bed:

To be able to start my day in the right tone, the first thing I do when I wake up in the morning or when my alarm set off is to get out of bed and lay my bed. Funny how this simple task seems easy but a lot of us struggle – I struggle too on some days – but once I get up and make my bed, I feel as though my day is off to a great start.

The advantage of making your bed is so that when you’re done with work for the day, there’s a nicely laid bed for you to relax. Trust me the last thing you want to do is laying a bed when you’re tired or lying down in a messy bed.

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Boost up:

I’m not referring to immediately engaging in activities to boost up. You could try few workout routines, if that’s one of your routine.  I recommend to start the day with whatever you need to wake up the mind/body and start the day.

Time is a factor and I have little time to make breakfast, so I’m not engaging in any other activity. To boost up I make myself breakfast, I look at my meal plan to see what I’m going to have that day. You could make a cup of coffee or tea to boost yourself up, but I prefer to eat. Having a meal plan that includes all the nutrients your body requires to boost up eliminates the extra time you would use to think of what to have that morning.

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4 effective daily routines

Have your bath:

Yes, have your bath! Just as you would if you were to go to the office in the morning or going about your daily activities.

Considering the fact that most people skip days without having their bath, if you do otherwise, chances are you avoid having any skin conditions. Having your bath is key; you don’t want to be sniffing yourself or oozing out unpleasant odours while you’re working. When you have your bath in the morning, you will feel refreshed, awakened and clean to carry out your daily activities without distraction.

Get dressed:

This time around, you’re getting dressed in comfy outfits that are comfortable to stay home in and also functional to work with while working from home.

I like to wear T-shirt and jean short, tank top paired with leggings or easy breezy dresses, with my hair packed neatly. A little makeup if I have to go on a video call that way I’m comfortable, clean and presentable working from home.

In case you’re to have a video conference call with your bosses/colleagues/clients, don’t forget your hair or your makeup. There are simple hairstyles and makeup routines you can try out for yourself.


I realize that doing these four short task, I’m prepared for a very productive day. I hope these tips encourages you and I would love to see you give them a try if you are not already.

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