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Never would I have thought making a diy drawstring pouch would be such a struggle especially since it’s not my first time making a diy bag. Amidst creating this diy project, I encountered a couple of snags. First, it was figuring out how to sew a circle along the length of a rectangle piece of fabric. Then, it was making sure it looked like a moneybag and lastly was figuring how to make a tassel rope for the drawstring pouch from tassels and shoelaces.

In order for this diy drawstring pouch to come to life, I had to make sure all these three challenges stated earlier were taken care of:

  1. How to cut and sew a circle that matches a length of a fabric
  2. How to make a tassel rope.
  3. How to make a drawstring pouch.

How to cut and sew a circle that matches a length of a fabric

What you will need: Two piece of fabric, scissors

1. Add allowance to the length of Fabric A

2. Measure out a specific length, L

3. Calculate radius, r = L/2π

Fold fabric B twice, measure out the radius and cut out.

5. You now have a circle to sew on Fabric A

How to make a tassel rope

What you will need: tassel, shoelace, needle and thread

1. Tack an end of the shoe lace with needle and thread, twist the 2 cords together till the end and tack with needle and thread.

2. Cut excess of the tassle rope and attach it to the twist cord on both ends.

How to make a drawstring pouch

What you will need: circle cut fabric, rectangle cute fabric, tassel rope, neddle and thread or a sewing machine.

1. Place the tip of the circle fabric to the beginning of the length of the rectangle fabric, leaving out allowances.

2. Sew along the circumference of the circle fabric matching the length of the rectangle fabric, leaving out allowances.

3. Close the breath of the rectangle fabric, sewing along the breath.

4. Fold the top of the bag and sew around it.

5. To create a loop for the tassel rope, stitch two lines around the circumference of the bag and pull slightly to create a gather look then pass the tassel rope through the loop.

And that’s how I made a diy drawsting opouch from start to finish. I hope you like diy, if you have a question or difficulty recreating or you think I should have done something different, let me know in the comment.

How would you style this pouch? I would style mine with a floral casual top, pair of jeans and mules ( pictures are coming soon).

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