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Fluffy fur bags are making a comeback in mostly coloured faux fur after the reign of fur bags and pompom keychains in 2014 but seeing Kendall Jenner with a white fur tote bag I was so smitten to make myself a faux fur bag. Fluffy, soft, fuzzy, love to cuddle…I’m not describing a cat but my diy faux (fake) fur bag, this is how I felt after I made this bag. This could be Valentine gifts for your sisters or girlfriends.


I had to cut a piece from my white faux fur rug that I use for some of my flatlays to make this bag. The process took me 10 minutes from start to finish. I styled the bag to church with a silk iro (blouse) and buba (wrapper) outfits  and diy chanel inspired sunglasses. 



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What you’ll need:
1. Fur fabric (I got mine from Aliexpress here )
2. Zip
3. Crystal embellishment
4. Chain
5. Scissors
6. Thread
7. Needle
8. Ruler
9. Pen or marker

Here’s a video DIY FAUX FUR BAG how I made a faux diy bag, I hope you like the video and in the meantime subscribe to my Youtube channel for more exciting diy projects!

Do you like this post? What are you thoughts? Would you make yourself a faux fur bag?

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  1. Wow, I loved it so much. I’ll surely make my own fur bag when I get the required items and by the way you look amazing in that outfit❤

    1. TonyeBarimalaa says:

      Thanks dear for the compliments and thanks for stopping by! I cant wait to see yours when you make it!

  2. Love this girrrrrrllll. Please list out where to get the faux fur rug.

    1. TonyeBarimalaa says:

      Thanks dear! i would put the link right now!

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