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Do you know what happens when you stare at an empty wall for too long? You probably be lost in thoughts, daydreaming. Not necessarily about moving things around house but figuring out how your imagination will come existence. Lost in my own thoughts, I adjusted my position on the bed with my gaze falling against the bare wall and instantly capturing my attention. I continue to think, “What can I do with this space”. Then an idea to setup a diy gallery wall pops in my head, in a way that would suit my space and capture my thought when I stare again.

Read on for some few things to note before setting up and how to create your own gallery wall.

What you need to know to setup a gallery wall

In this video, I explained how to pick picture, choose the right size of frames and picking out a design layout that would suit any space.

How To Hang Gallery Wall Art

What you will need:

  • Paper templates
  • Frames (from @whogomake on Instagram)
  • Art
  • Scissors
  • Paper Tape
  • Nails
  • Hammer

Step 1. Gather your frames and place your art in the frames.

Step 2. Make paper templates: Place frames on the paper template, trace out and cut out with scissors along the traced line.

Step 3. Assemble templates on the wall using a paper tape to secure it to the wall.

Step 4. Hammer nails against each template to match the spot of the frame hook.

Step 5. Put up frames, having in mind your chosen layout.

Upon setting up my diy gallery wall, is a home improvement accomplished. I really like my gallery wall; it resonates with me and suits my space. In the nearest future, I intend to add more picture that would tell a story transitioning from the current art.

Would you be setting up yours soon? Let me know the theme you would be going for?

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