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For those of you who like eating salads, what, to you, is the perfect salad? I am not talking about salad that you toss at the last moment to lay beside a plate of jollof rice or a piece of grilled chicken but salads as a proper meal. For me a perfect salad is a simple meal that I can prepare in less than 10 minutes with a healthy salad recipe and still contain the calories that would keep me through to my next meal.

When someone asks you, what you had for lunch and you tell them you had salad. They give you this look of “My dear, you just ate grass! You need better food! (I bet my Nigerian peeps read, “You need better food” in Pidgin).How do they not understand that salad can be filling?

HEALTHY SALAD RECIPESimple green salad bowl is a kind of salad that often feels like an afterthought. However, according to my research, the estimated calories needed per day ranges from 1,800 to 3,000, which depends on how much you eat at other meals.

Daily, I need 1839.5 calories. I divide my meals into 3 (that is if I am eating 3 times a day), otherwise into two. I need at 613.2 calories each meal and my salad contains the right amount of calories for breakfast.

How to Make a Healthy Salad

It takes only 10 minutes to prepare a simple green salad. All you need is the right ingredients to match the calories you need to make your meal.

Here are directions to help you turn your side salad into a healthy meal.

Ingredients and Calories in a simple green salad bowl


Healthy Salad Recipe Card

How do you know the amount of calories you need daily?

I was able to calculate my daily calories intake when I stumbled on this post. Fares Saad shared how you can calculate your daily calories intake (you should check that out!). For me to know the amount of calories you need daily, I had to know my estimate Basal Metabolic Rate (BMR) and Physical Activity Level (PAL).

Mine, BMR X PAL = 1415kCal x 1.3 = 1839.5kCal

Salad can be munched down any time of the day, it has to contain the right ingredients with the right amount of calories for it serve as a meal instead of a side dish. I hope you try this recipe!

Disclaimer: I am not a Nutritionist, I only practise healthy and clean eating. Every detail in this post is based on my research, what I practise and written in my own words.

How often do you eat salads? What your favourite salad recipe? Do you know the amount of calories you need daily? Do you eat healthy or you just don’t care?

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  1. It’s just so amazing how can salad be made for just 10 minutes. It’s nice that there’s a recipe like this.

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  3. I can’t eat salad alone. In yoruba language, ” Shey salad je ounje obo” i.e i am unlike to eat salad as food. it’s raw and cold.

    1. Lol, so I can refer to you as part of the people that would say people who eat salad should eat better food than eating grass! Thanks for stopping by dear!

  4. Thanks for stopping by Debs! I love salads and I eat healthy! I don’t mind eating salad every time that why I reduced buying it. By the time I calculate the price of a bowl of salad, I just opt to making salad at home!

  5. I’m a salad addict especially when my body start refusing carbs. When I’ve had too much of carbs, I get tired of it and don’t want to eat it again.

    However, I always buy these because I’m just a lazy human and I feel those ones are easier but then quite expensive.

    At least, with this expose, I should be able to make mine and even have different varieties to eat from. Thanks for sharing, Tonye

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