How To Retouch Your Hair By Yourself

DIY || How To Retouch Your Hair At Home By Yourself

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Relaxing my hair frequently has never been my forte, why?! Because I have this assumption that the chemical tends to damage the hair. If you intend to grow a healthy African hair, retouching your hair every month is not the best option. I retouch my hair four times a year for the sake of allowing my hair grow well and I wash and condition my hair every 2 weeks.

I decided to reduce the use of relaxer because of the damages it caused my hair at one point. After a relaxed hair session, I often suffer from dandruff, burnt scalp etc. Too much of retouching the hair with relaxer damages the hair. Some people experience receding hairline as a result of extreme breakage at the front of the hairline. The desire to wait long can cause severe chemical burns that could result to severe scarring and permanent hair loss.

How To Retouch Your Hair By YourselfWhen I go to the salon to retouch my hair, I expect that the stylist handle my hair with care and follow the instructions of the products. Most times, they don’t like to be told what to do and they don’t follow instructions. My goal is not to have a silky, straight hair but to have a detangled hair without any form of hair loss and maintain a healthy hair. Hence, retouching my hair myself saves me the trouble of disagreeing with a hair stylist.

How To Retouch Your Hair At Home

Step 1

Get a hair products that favourable to your hair type.

Step 2

Comb your hair out

How To Retouch Your Hair By Yourself

Step 3

Divide your hair into 4 parts (2 parts in front, 2 parts at the back)

Step 4

Take on section and apply the relaxer at the roots. Open the section line by line making sure you apply the relaxer on each side of the line.

How To Retouch Your Hair By Yourself

Repeat step 4 for the rest of the sections.

Step 5

Massage each section and comb out.

How To Retouch Your Hair By Yourself

Step 6

Wait for 5 minutes and wash your the products out with warm water. Make sure you rinse off all the products from your hair completely.

Step 7

Apply shampoo and wash your hair.

How To Retouch Your Hair By YourselfDepending on the products you are using; step 9 and 10 may be different. Since I’m using Natures Gentle Touch relaxer kit, Apply cholesterol comes before the leave-in conditioner

Step 9

Apply cholesterol hair treatment and cover your hair with a shower cap for 10 minutes.

How To Retouch Your Hair By Yourself


Step 10

Rinse your hair and apply the leave-in conditioner

How To Retouch Your Hair By Yourself

Have you tried retouching your hair by yourself? How often do you retouch your hair? 

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  1. I’m retouching my hair this weekend. This actually came in time. I have retouched my hair by myself in the past but I also learned something new from this post.

    Ngumabi xxo |

    1. Hi Ngumabi, thanks for stopping by. I’m glad you learnt something new!

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