diy manicure at home

DIY Manicure at Home | Paint Your Nails Like A Pro

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Tag a lady who doesn’t like to get fresh manicure! I doubt that there is any lady who would not appreciate a pampering session that would include a good manicure and pedicure. However, these trips can sometimes be expensive but if you are like me and on a tight budget, here is how you can *nail* a diy manicure at home all by yourself and paint your nails perfectly like a pro! Who knows, you may not need a professional to get the look you want and you can create your very own by yourself at home.

How To Do a DIY Manicure at Home and Paint Your Nails Like a Pro.

Here are the seven steps I incorporate when I’m doing my nails at home.

What you will need: Cotton pad or cotton wool, nail polish remover, file, cuticle remover, nail buffer, nailbrush, cuticle oil, nail polish, base coat and topcoat. (The nail polish I used are from a Nigerian brand @elsaspro)*

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diy manicure at home

Step 1: Remove Your Polish

It is important that you start with clean fingernails. This means that you need to remove all of your current nail polish you have on your fingernails. Dab a nail polish remover on a cotton pad or cotton wool and rub away the paint.

Step 2: Trim Your Cuticles

You will need to soften your cuticles so that they are easy to cut. There are several options. You could soak them in a cuticle remover. Another method is to wash your hands and massage it with a warm towel (boil water and dip a small towel in to the boiled water, allow to soak and drain excess water.

Push your cuticle back and trim them with a cuticle remover. It iss best to trim your cuticles in smaller sections, starting from one side and work your way around.

Step 3: Trim and File Your Nails

If your nails are longer than you would like them to be, then you will have to trim them. The best way to file your nails is to do it in one direction and repeated and not in a criss-cross direction. gently file your nails one direction to get your tips square, round, or somewhere in between.

Step 4: Buff and Brush Your Nails

Buffing helps smoothen your nails after filing. By now, you should notice that your nails have collected a significant amount of dust and debris. Brushing the nails will get rid of any dead or dry nail bit and residue left on the nails.

Step 5: Wash Your Hands

By now, you should notice that your nails have collected a significant amount of dust and debris. There may also be a little nail polish remover residue left behind. The best way to get rid of them is to wash your hands with soap and water. Use a hand towel to wipe the moisture from each nail.

Step 6: Paint Your Nails

The most important step in the DIY nails process is painting. First, apply a basecoat. Allow to dry.

Tip: Dip your fingers into ice water for 1 minute; it really helps to speed up the drying process!

The key to a clean finish is to apply the polish in three strokes. Start with one down the middle and then one down the opposite sides. Before you apply the second coat, wait for it to dry a little or dip your fingers into the ice water. Typically, after two coats, your nails will look. However, if you want extra shine and an added layer for your DIY manicure nails, you should add a third coat.

Tip: Don’t cake the paint on. The thicker your polish, the more easily it will peel and chip.

Step 7: Remove Excess Polish

One of the hardest thing doing a diy manicure at home is painting your nails without having nail polish spilling over your nails. Luckily, nail polish remover and a small tool can make this process easier.

Dip a small angled brush into the remover and carefully clean the frame of your fingernails. Make sure to pay close attention so you don’t ruin your freshly home manicured nails! Finish up with applying cuticle oil to your cuticle and massaging it into your fingers.

Doing a diy manicure at home takes a considerable amount of patience. However, once you keep practising and understand what works for you it would save you some time and money.

Enjoy your freshly made manicure!

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