diy hair clips


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Some of us can remember this hair clips from way back. I remember this hair clip from primary school, especially the ones that came pin fancy colours. If you didn’t have this hair accessory then you were not regarded as an alte girl.

You may have already seen the trend being worn all over social media. It is for a good reason. How do you cope this trend, you ask? By making yours!

I made this simple pearl and rhinestone clips just for the fun of it and reminiscing memories.


Here’s what you will need:

diy hair clips
  1. hair clips
  2. pearls applique
  3. rhinestones
  4. glue gun

Step 1

Apply glue on the clips

Step 2

Place the pearls on the hair clips. Repeat this step for the rhinestone.

Step 3

Allow to dry.

Like many trends that have reared their heads over the past decades, the hair clips trend is not new is not new in any sense of word and is here to stay.

diy hair clips

Simply choose a side or both sides and pull your hair back with your brand new hair clip.

Would you try to make this diy? What do you think about this trend?

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  1. Oh my goodness these pins were all the rave back then and I’m so happy they are back. this will be a nice touch to the ones i own already,after i rock them in their basic form lol
    Thanks for coming through with this πŸ™‚

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