toast bread roll

Easy to make toast bread roll ups with sausage

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Every now and then, I like to learn new recipes – sometimes healthy meals other times comfort food. My close friend shared the toast bread roll up recipe with me and I have not stopped making them. These bread roll ups are super delicious and tasty.

I shared the bread roll ups recipe on my Instagram Story and people were up for trying them out. They reached out to me to share their own take and say how much they loved them. Trust me, once you try them out, you are most likely to join the bandwagon.

toast bread roll

Today, I bring you my best discovery of 2020 – Toast bread roll up with beef sausage. They are super easy to make and suitable for a breakfast spread or a homemade snack. You can serve with hot sauce dip to give you a burst of spicy and juicy flavour with a bit of crunch. You can also serve for breakfast with baked beans, scrambled eggs and a glass of juice.

How to make toast bread roll up with suasage


4 slices white bread

2 long sausages or 4 regular sausage, fried.

2 tablespoon of butter


Slice sides of each slice of bread.

Spread butter on one end of the bread.

Place sausage on the other end of the bread and roll into a log shape.

Heat non-stick over low heat. Pan fry each roll turning at intervals to get golden brown colouring.

Serve with your desired sides.


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