How To Get Your Hair Into Bangs/Fringe in 5 Minutes

Inspiration for this look came from me wanting to do my own hair. I was juggling the thought of the cost of getting my hair done by a hair stylist and purchasing the products needed to achieve a ponytail look. Of course I chose the cheaper and most efficient which is me doing it myself so I purchased the products. First it started off with the ponytail look, and then I decided”why not try different looks” so I styled my hair in different styles for 2 weeks with no stress (less than 10 minutes of my time) and I think I did a pretty good job. All you need:  hairspray, hair gel, a pair of scissors, bobbing pins, a razor blade, oil spray, most importantly your weave to achieve this look. Click the link below to watch how I put this look together. Don’t forget to like and subscribe to my Youtube channel. Thank you. How To Get Your Hair Into Bangs/Fringe in 5 Minutes

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