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How To Style The Colour Lilac On Dark Skin: 4 Ways to Style Lilac Top

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In my last post, I mentioned how lilac has become one of my new favourite colours. Back in 2018, it was the colour trend (crowned Pantone’s colour of 2018). From fast fashion brands to high end designers everyone was playing with it. It was everywhere from matching sweat sets and blazer sets, to dresses and blouses, it dominated the fashion space. A hint of lilac popped during the pandemic as people where confined to their homes, wearing items they had with no where to go and creating contents. Right about now, it is one of the colour trends. I, for one had a lilac set that I rarely wear and I was forced to plan to wear them. No doubt, the colour is such a pretty colour. It is a beautiful subtle shade of purple. I love it because it is a colour that pops on a dark skin, clean, very floral and emphasizes femininity.

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4 Ways to Style Lilac Top

Love the colour, but not sure how to wear it or need some inspiration, here are my tips for how to style lilac top.

Pair it with black

The best and safest way to pair lilac is to go for basic neutral colors like white, black or gray. For a classic, simple and refreshing look, I paired lilac top with a bubble black short. For the shoes, I picked red for a more stylish finish – I wasn’t sure it would go well but it did.

Go with green

Green and lilac might not be colours you would think would go together, but it turns out they do. Yet, be careful with the hues of green you pick out to wear. For a dark skin lady, emerald is your best. I wore a saturated green pants with the same top and it looked awkward. I’m guessing it would look better on a lighter skin. In the emerald silk pants, I felt more comfortable, refreshed and more polished – in my opinion, get an emerald colour to pair if your must.

Pink it out

To make yourself look more ladylike, one of the easiest and popular way to do that is to wear something pink. Pink is warmer hue of purple and when combined with lilac levels up any look. . I paired my lilac top with a deconstructed pink skirt and embellished heeled silver sandals for an elegant look.

Denim is always a good idea

Gray has undertones of blue. Lilac has a hint of gray. Which makes blue to work with lilac. For a classy chic look, you can pair with a washed-out denim. I finished the look with a pink mules and black dumpling bag for a casual chic ensemble.

Lila is often associated with bridesmaids. If this is a worry for you, then avoid wearing the colour head-to-toe and mix it with denim or black. Those with fair skin can try lower half options such as wide leg trousers, midi skirts. These are less likely to wash you out.

Which is your favourite look and how would you wear a lilac top?!


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  1. These are so classy. I love it more with the green look. The pink is a stunner too.

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