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Last week, I ordered a liquid black soap. I had no intension to use it because I recently opened a new pack of bar soap. I stepped into the bathroom to take a bath. Then I glared at the liquid black soap, so I decided to use it. While having my bath, something was different – it felt as though my bathing routine had changed.  Then I started paying attention to my reaction to the liquid soap. I noticed the way I usually use the bar soap was different compared to the liquid black soap I was using. I made the decision to wash again but with the bar soap and compare both soaps.

My observation on the liquid and bar black soap.

People use black soap as a natural soap with high nourishing and healing properties. However, even with its seniority in the skincare world, some still may find it difficult on the form to choose which is why I am sharing my observations to help you choose your preference.

Liquid Black Soap

I used the R&R Luxury Liquid Black soap with Shea Butter. Using this liquid soap, I applied a little amount on my face, neck and chest, which is usually how I start after dredging my body with water. However, I struggled to move the liquid soap all over my body so I had to go with the choice of applying the liquid soap at every interval. After which, I used my exfoliating bathing sponge to scrub my body.

Scrubbing my body, I also noticed the pressure I applied due to the fact the soap was struggling to latter. At some point I began to see that the latter formed did not fade off but remained on my skin. Because of the pressure, I found that I paid more attention to parts of my body that needed attention, which resulted to spending more time scrubbing my body.

Bar Black Soap

Unlike the liquid black soap, the little amount of soap I rubbed on my palm was enough to go around my body. I used Dudu Osun black bar soap, which was quicker to latter. Because of this, I paid less attention to scrubbing delicate parts of my body. Hence making me skip some parts because the latter covered my entire body.

Which form of soap is better?

Well, it depends entirely on the factors that are most important to you. For me, its the benefits. I would want to use a product that nourishes and moisturizes and allows me spend more time on my skin since I barely remember to exfoliate my skin. To think that it had to take a change of my usual preference to notice that I have not been paying attention to how shabbily I bath using a bar soap is surprisingly shocking. At this point, I may never soap up with a bar soap and stick to using a liquid black soap or make a diy.

The liquid form of black soap is ready to use out of the bottle, it moisturises and doesn’t leave the skin dry. The differences can go far beyond personal preference.  If the decision is financial, bar soap wins by a significant margin – they are cheaper than liquid soap. It may feel more normal to use bar soaps in your cleansing ‘ritual’. However, if for moisturizing and cleansing effects then liquid soaps are the way to go. If it’s the way the soap latter, its best to know that because it latter doesn’t means it cleans. From a purely health-conscious standpoint, the bar soap do a good job in preventing the spread of germs as their liquid counterparts. 

Do you prefer your soaps in liquid or bar form? If you have the option of using a liquid black soap, would you ever use bar soap? Let me know in the comment section below, and let’s talk!



  1. I totally agree with you. I felt my skin so lush after using this one. It could be the Shea butter in it.

  2. I’ve always preferred bar soap and apart from the points you’ve mentioned which are important, bar soaps stand the test of time than liquid soap.

    Plus liquid soap can easily be contaminated and you can cleanse this off of it but you can rinse off any dirt or otherwise off your bar soap.

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