Milani Stay Put Matte 17 hr Wear Liquid Eyeliner

Milani Stay Put Matte 17 hr Wear Liquid Eyeliner Review

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Apart from being obsessed with getting spotless skin, I love when my eyeliner is sharp, and last long. For eyes with the perfect winged eyeliner, I always look out for a good product. One thing I must get right when I do my makeup is to get my liner winged. Last week, Original Cosmetics Nigeria sent me Milani Stay Put Matte 17 hr Wear Liquid Eyeliner to test and review.

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The Product

The Milani eyeliners are quick to dry and delivers full colour for up to 17 hrs. It has an ultra-thin felt tip applicator that helps you create natural and bold looks with ease. You do not need constant mirror checks because this formula is humidity and sweat-resistant. There are 4 pigmented matte shades to choose from the Milani Stay Put 17 hr Wear Liquid Eyeliner are 01 Black Matte, 02 Coffee Matte, 03 Safari Matte, 04 Midnight Matte.

I got the 01 Black Matte and 04 Midnight matte. When I received the package, I was very excited to try the 04 Midnight Matte because I have never used a blue eyeliner before and I loved it after I used it. I was able to create one look with both eyeliners and thy both stood out in their distinct colours.

I had activities planned out for the day I was to try the liners and I went about my days chores. The eyeliners are sweat proof and I did not even realize it until I got home. My makeup was already dewy but the eyeliners stayed matte. To take off the eyeliner was easy, I usually use coconut oil to remove my makeup but I just used a face wipe to take off my makeup.

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What I like

Altogether, I tested the eyeliner for 9 hours and my verdicts are:

  1. The eyeliners has a very strong staying power, which means it has prospect of staying true to last 17 hours.
  2. They are sweat-proof which makes it a perfect choice for a long day.
  3. The eyeliners stood out in their distinct colours. I expected the 04 Midnight Matte to look more like the 01 Black Matte but I was disappointed and that is a good thing.

Milani Stay Put Matte 17 hr Wear Liquid EyelinerThey are of 0.09 fl. Oz and cost ₦3,500 each on It took 3 days to get to Abuja from Lagos. Original Cosmetics Nigeria partners with a very reliable courier service that makes sure you get your order delivered to you without delay.

You can shop these items from here:

Milani Stay Put Matte 17hr Wear Liquid Eyeliner – 01 Black Matte

Milani Stay Put Matte 17hr Wear Liquid Eyeliner – 04 Midnight Matte

Original Cosmetics Nigeria provides shipping and delivery nationwide to all states in Nigeria. Your shipping rates would be automatically calculated and added to your order according to your location during checkout.

I hope you like this review and you are able to shop the Milani Stay Put Matte 17 hr Wear Liquid Eyeliner! I also hope you enjoy the product!




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  1. I have used the Black matte before, in fact I currently still use it and i can testify that it is sweat proof. Most times, I have to use a face wipe before and after my shower to take it off completely.

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