mixing prints with these simple tips

Mixing Prints: 5 Simple Tips For Styling Prints Effortlessly

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What comes to mind when you think about mixing prints? Do you see it as a risk you would never try or a styling method you find to be over the top? Personally, I do not like to go over the top with mixing prints; an effortless mix of prints will do it for me. I find that some people like bold and daring mix of prints, while others like it subtle and simple. The golden rule of styling remains the same – wear what makes you feel confident and comfortable while not been afraid to step out of your comfort zone.

5 Simple Tips For Mixing Prints

Mixing prints may be intimidating but there are seamless, subtle and simple ways to mix prints that you would find easy to add to your day-to-day styling.  These tips will help you get it in no time.

mixing prints with these simple tips

Sticking to two types of different prints

For a beginner, mixing prints with two types of different prints will seem easy to do. This is a good start for someone who is unsure of whether or not they can pull this off. I stuck with two different prints, so the outlook is not too daring.

Mixing prints with colours that resonate with you

If you are hesitant about mixing prints, start with colour that resonates with you. It’s one thing to mix prints, it’s another thing to wear colours that do not excite you for the sake of mixing print. Wear colours that resonates with you, that way you would find it exciting to wear mixed prints.


Picking one elements in a print to create a base colour of another print

Looking closely at the prints I’m wearing, the pink shirt has a polka dot element in black. I chose the colour of the polka dot on my shirt to be my base colour and used the same element in my skirt, which is also a polka dot. I applied the same technique for the polka dot top – choosing the base colour and element to pair with the pink skirt. Now, that’s a good way to pair prints – paying attention to the elements in the prints you are about to pair together.

Matching same elements in different prints together

Also with the pink shirt, I chose the polka dot element because I had polka dot outfits in my wardrobe. Another great way to mix prints is to pick an element in one print and match with similar elements on another prints.

Pairing with accessories that complement both prints

This tip is super easy to incorporate without giving it much though. Break or tone down with solid colours. I paired my outfits with shoes of solid colour present in my outfits. For the first look, I chose pink to create an overall bold look and for the second look, I chose a nude shoe, which is also present in the skirt.

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