budget friendly skincare routine

My Budget Friendly Skincare Routine + Tips And Tricks

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The older I get, the more obsessed I am with skincare. Researching about products, their ingredients and identifying my skin type is a thrill. The thing is skincare is not always affordable but all of my concerns about creating a budget friendly skincare routine are gone.

Two years ago, I battled with my skin. I had a huge breakout in my early 20’s when I worked in an engineering firm. I discovered I was reacting to the debris from the construction site alongside hormonal imbalance and stress – this happened because I went to construction site every day. After exploring DIYs, natural remedies and very few products, my skin regained itself. I was left to struggle with dark spots and acne marks.

budget friendly skincare routine

Overtime I identified skincare routine that works for my budget and me. My skin is now spotless and I go about proudly without makeup. I also stumbled on sheisnaturallybronze on Instagram and her skincare tips has been helpful. So today, I will be sharing my budget friendly skincare routine for day and night, tips and tricks that has helped me achieve a flawless skin.


I am pleased to announce that these 9 products have become my favourites and go-to. I found the best cleanser for acne prone and sensitive skin. Read on to see my favourites and maybe discover a few for yourself.

There are three products that make the base of my day and night budget friendly skincare routine: cleanse, tone and moisturize.

budget friendly skincare routine


My skin type is acne prone, sensitive and oily skin. So, during the day, the goal is to protect my skin especially if I have to go out in the sun.

  1. I cleanse my face with Simple Kind To Skin Moisturizing Facial Wash (N2900). This contains Pro Vitamins B5 and Vitamin E. It helps cleanse and moisturizes my face.
  2. Then I apply Olay Skin Adapt Toner (N1900) on a cotton pad and dab all over my face. The toner is said to help restore pH balance for oily/combination skin. I allow my skin to absorb the toner completely.
  3. Then apply my moisturizer, Black Opal Even True Oil Free Moisturizer (N3800). It contains SPF and its a good buy if you are on a budget.


I rarely use makeup, 5 or 6 days of the week without make makeup except for events. So, night routine is easy once I don’t have makeup to take off and the goal for my night routine is to nourish and repair my skin.

  1. I use the Neutrogena Oil Free Acne Wash (N3800) to wash my face. It helps has helped me prevent acne/breakouts. It contains salicylic acid which is a good ingredient to battle acne.
  2. Then apply Neutrogena Rapid Clear 2-in-1 Fight & Fade Toner (N5000) on my a cotton pad and dab all over my face. The toner helps clear out dark spots and marks and fights breakout.
  3. Then I use Simple Kind To Skin Replenishing Rich Moisturizer (N2100), this moisturizer contains vitamins that help to nourish and repair my skin. The next day my face is so fresh and glowing.
budget friendly skincare routine
budget friendly skincare routine


Every weekend, I repeat my day and night routine except that during weekends I mask and exfoliate my skin. I either use Beauty Formulas Activated Charcoal Clay Mask (N2100) or Queen Helene Avocado Grapefruit Masque (N3500) – I have been using this product for almost 2 years so its a good buy. I also use Xpel Body Care Cleansing Face & Body Scrub (N1900).


  • Less is more – the less makeup product you use daily determines how bad you skin can get because of too much product on the skin. Opt for more skincare product and less makeup product and thank your skin later.
  • Know your skin type – it very needed you to know your skin type. Not every product works for every skin type.
  • Research ingredients for your skin type – Google is your friend, search for benefits of ingredients in a product. Before you apply anything on your skin, ask yourself these questions. Do I know the ingredients in the products? Are the ingredients harmful or not? If you cannot do all that work in researching, find a skincare blogger/ influencer that shares skincare tips and reviews skincare products.
  • Avoid going to bed with makeup on your face.
  • Go barefaced 5 days in a week and save 2 days for makeup days (This is my all-time secret for my flawless face).
  • Do you have a severe breakout? Visit a dermatologist.
  • Please do not buy chemically mixed product without inscribed ingredients.
  • Use sunscreen. Sunscreen prevents your skin from the harsh sun. It is not just for whites. Black people need sunscreen too.
  • Take your vitamins. Research shows that as you get past 25 years, you skin starts to lose its elasticity, which causes you to look older. Vitamin C has many benefits one of which helps boost the immune system and is a good option for vitamins.
  • Avoid too much intake of alcohol.
  • Have a skincare routine and follow it judiciously! This is a lesson I wish I knew when I was younger.

That is it from me. My budget friendly skincare routine tips and wish list.

Do you have a skincare routine? What is your skincare routine? What are your favourite skincare Products? Do you have beauty tricks you will like to share?




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