My Mirina Collections Glasses

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So I got this awesome sunglasses  from Mirina Collections as it turns out it is an incredibly popular product for their bloggers. These glasses looks good in person as they look good in picture. These are cute over sized sunglasses. I love the rose gold and silver tint on it. I think these are just really fun and make a great addition to any collection of sunglasses.


I have several different pairs of glasses to go with my different outfits or even with my mood. These ones works well and offer a look that I did not have before. With the scorching sun this time of the year, mirina collection offer lots of women’s sunglasses on sale with reasonable prices and high quality guarantee. However, branded sunglasses are usually very expensive and not all women can buy these luxury items with limited income.



 The glasses comes in a seal up bag and are packaged in a bubble bag to prevent damaged glasses during shipping and it took approximately 3 weeks to get to Nigeria.

Use the coupon code “marinagirls” at checkout to receive 20% off your order. I hope you will enjoy their pieces as much as I do.



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