The year has gone by so fast it was January just yesterday. Welcome to the new month September.

If you know me, follow my socials and from most of my pictures, you could tell I love sunglasses. I do not have a lot but I tend to keep them in good condition. I neither own nor have never bought designer glasses but I have been gifted two pairs of designer glasses – a Dolce & Gabana – I can’t place how I lost I and a Gucci glasses – I dropped in a keke (three-wheeled vehicle) which turns out to be the only designer sunglasses I have had in my entire life. I purchase most of my sunglasses from Aliexpress, Mirina collection, now Chic Wishlist.

Today, I will be showing you my collection of sunglasses that I have gathered over time. Watch the video to see my collection, find links to sunglasses in the description box on YouTube.


Which is your favorite sunglasses? How many pairs do yo own?

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