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S Happy New Year friends! Yassss, we made it to 2018, I am so excited and thankful. It is the dreaded time of the year, where every social media feeds and post are filled ‘New Year New Me’ captions. If not all but most of us already have New Year Resolutions. Some of them pretty serious, some certainly achievable, others don’t even stand the test of time. I’m also guilty – diagnosed with the New Year New Me Syndrome in the past years. As I get older and face real life challenges I realize life is more serious than making resolutions and not working towards achieving them.

Having the worst year 2015 and a struggling 2016 and evaluating that year, I decided I was going to have a good 2017 by focusing on the things that matter most to me – myself – snapping out of depression. I decided to make myself happy and better in 2017 because a happy you is happiness for everyone. There many ways to be a better version of you.

Instead of solely focusing on things that don’t really matter, look deeper and discover what really important to you. Something you want and something you want to do that would make your life better. As many resolution go down the drain, seek to be in right frame of mind – emotionally, mentally, physically stable first.

We can make resolutions work, we need to evaluate the resolutions made in the previous year. We can identify which resolution did not pull through, the reason why these resolutions were not met. By establishing a viable solution, make goals that are specific, measurable, attainable, relevant, time-based and challenging.

Write down your goals, break big and scary goals into doable monthly, weekly and daily tasks, and create action plans that are realistic for your lifestyle, track progress and accomplishments to know when milestones are reached.


Make this year the best version of yourself so that at the end of this year, rebuke the ‘New Year New Me status and start something new; New Year Better Me! When your goals come to existence, you will be proud of yourself and not just dwelling in the new year new me syndrome and in few weeks tired of resolutions we made and nothing is achieved.


This is year is going to be amazing for us all, and I cannot wait for you guys to see all I have in store for you in addition I have planned to give you guys 2 post weekly – Every Mondays and Thursdays for this year. I promise to inspire and motivate you friends at all times. 2018 is a year for more growth and greatness, so let us all step into greatness together.

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  1. happy new year?. New year better me?

    1. Happy new year dear. Better you for sure!

  2. Happy new year ?? to You, and may the Lord richly bless your endeavors.

    1. happy new year dear…amen!!! and you too!

  3. Happy new year, T darling. I wish us a prosperous new year. As I grew older too, I realized half of us only do this ‘New Year, New Me’ syndrome just for the fun of it and at the end of the day, nothing comes out of it.

    I realize the best way to grow every year and smash those goals is to quietly make them in your closet, pray about it and work diligently everyday into achieving them.

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