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Product Review: Lordbless Fashion Slippers #MadeinNigeria

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As part of my ongoing drive to buy #MadeinNigeria brands, which I am not sure I may continue due to several reasons I’m not ready to share. I decided to patronize Lordbless Fashion. For now, any close friend that has a business, I would support. First as a friend, then most importantly the products must be of good quality.

My friend was in Abuja for a while and I went to visit. During our conversation, he shared with me that he just started his own business – a footwear line. I was a bit skeptical about what the quality would be like. Question like, “how long is it going to last without mending?”. Then he showed me what he has being wearing for a year. I was marvelled. There were no chip on the sole, no repair has been done and it still looked as good as new.

#madeinNigeria brands - lordbless fashion slippersNow, I was convinced to buy a slippers and I did. I scrolled through the brand page on Instagram and picked my choice and I gave him my foot size.

Lordbless Fashion is a #MadeinNigeria brands, solely offers handmade, classy, durable and very affordable footwear for men and women, boys and girls.

Lordbless Fashion decided to surprise me and sent two slippers to me. I received two orders in a customized box with my name on it.

#madeinNigeria lordbless fashion slippers

First Impression

Like most #MadeinNigeria brands they outdid themselves, the packaging was on point. The item was packaged in a shopping bag. The brand got me when they decided to put my name on the box of the two packages. The slippers was well made and my perfect size. Although it came with a smell of newly made item but the smell wore off.

The Product

Its been 4 months since I got the two new slippers.  All other stuffs I had didn’t matter. I wore the two slippers back and forth to every occasion and the only thing I have done to maintain is to clean it.

Final Thoughts

I like the fact that they pay attention to details, what I saw on their Instagram page was exactly what I got. The sizing was perfect. No glue sticking out or unfinished threading. Believe me when I say, this is a trusted #MadeinNigeria brand to reckon with.  Will I buy from them again? Yes, I’m actually considering it so I do not wear the life out of this slippers!

If you would like to get yourself a pair, you can contact them:

Instagram: @lordbless_fashion
Call or WhatsApp: 07038491292
Email: lordbless19@yahoo.com
Lordbless fashion, Breathing class to your wardrobe

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  1. Nigerian brands are really coming back to the scene and doing amazingly well. By and by, we’d get there.

    Coincidentally, I’m working on a similar post I haven’t been chanced to complete.

    These slides sure looks comfortable.

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