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Oh, donโ€™t mind me, just bringing you rich auntie vibe which was the vibe I channelled when I shot this look and few people could agree! Looking like a rich auntie isn’t about eye-wateringly, flashy, and expensive logos. Little tricks can make any outfit look more elevated, from ensuring your outfits are always crisp to choosing colours that complement your skin tone. Investing in timeless, classic pieces can also add an air of sophistication to your look and couple of zeros to the cost of your outfit.

You can never go wrong with a monochromatic look especially if it is black and white. It suits and looks good on any body type and skin tone. For my monochromatic look, I decided to go for the classics. I chose a black draped neck silk top, a white wide leg pants, and a mini black drawstring bag then tied a scarf around my head to bring the whole look together.

How to style a classic monochromatic look like a rich auntie

The key to looking expensive is to appear well groomed. This is a styling tip that would elevate any look! These few tips will also make you look like a rich auntie without hurting your bank balance

1. Wear quality fabrics

Invest in quality fabrics such as silk and cotton; timeless, elegant pieces add an air of sophistication to your look โ€“ giving you that rich auntie look.

2. Dress your body type

When dressing monochromatically, outfit appears to have one uninterrupted line from head to toe. A wide leg pants can elongate your silhouette while a draped neck blouse elongates your neck making you appear slimmer and taller than you actually are.

3. Don’t carry too much stuff

Mini handbags have become a status symbol. They are big enough to carry what you need – your keys, makeup for touch-ups and little cash/credit card.

4. Elevate your look with a headwrap

Take your style to the next level with a headwrap. The look is always so bomb, stylish and afrocentric – a rich auntie style is never complete without a headwrap.

What do you think about this look? How would you style a monochromatic look like a rich auntie? Please comment below, and letโ€™s connect!


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  1. “a rich auntie style is never complete without a headwrap.”

    I totally agree! This look is so stunning

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