Round Up: A Collaboration to Promote Nigerian Fashion Brands

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Nigerian Fashion Brands has always been diverse, reflecting on its many ethnic groups, religion and cultures. Today, we see more urban and cosmopolitan outfits because more brands have emerged into fashion industry to cater for consumers needs.

Now, we have gotten to a stage where its no longer about brands dominating but focusing more on consumers satisfaction in terms of quality, affordability and relationship.

Most people including myself would rather shop from international brands for reasons like finishing of an outfit, the details, outrageous prices, lack of customer centricity which if you ask me is a good reason to patronize a brand .

In a bid to support Nigerian Fashion brands, I am aware of the advantages and shortcoming which is why I reached out to some of my colleagues collaborate.

In the course of our collaboration, we individually shared trusted brands and shared our experiences patronizing some brands.

I have been privileged to work with a couple of fashion brands and I can say for sure that they are putting in efforts in taking the Nigerian Fashion industry to the next level. But for this collaboration, I showcased a brand I have been patronizing for some time.

Participating Fashion Bloggers in Nigerian Fashion Brands Collaboration

1. Deborah of debwritesblog

Debs pointed out that one way designer can improve is to take review seriously and also recommended some brands. You can check her blog, link below.

2. Sarah

Sarah has been patronizing made in Nigeria brands for the past years so she decided to highlight her struggles – as a guiding lead to promote 10 Nigerian Fashion brands, you should them check out!

3. Stella

Stella showcased a brand and reviewed the outfit she got from the brand.

4. Opeyemi

Opeyemi featured a brand because they trusted her in the early days of her journey as a style blogger. According to her, it was right she gave them the honours to feature them in tour collaboration. Check out the brand she featured on her blog.

To continue to promote brands, our job as influencers is to give honest reviews to assist people make the right buying choices as well as enlighten brands improve their customers buying power and serve as a guide for designers to know areas that need improvement. As a result this, we have decided to take on series 2 of our collaboration. Stay tuned for what we have coming soon.

Do you patronize Nigerian Fashion Brands ? If you do, what are your challenges? Let me know in the commentย section below, and letโ€™s talk!


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