bytonye - sgtc clothing in 6 unique ways

The SGTC Clothing Shirt and Skirt Set in 6 Unique Ways

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I love a good 2-piece set especially if it can be styles in multiple ways. Last year, SGTC Clothing were kind enough to send me their bestselling shirt and skirt set. It came as a pleasant surprise; you can tell I was happy when I received the outfits – who would not be happy to receive unexpected gifts.

SGTC Clothing is a contemporary Afrocentric, ready-to-wear fashion brand that celebrates women of all shapes and sizes.

With so much going on around the world, it is only thoughtful to support brands we love in the little way possible. For me, SGTC Clothing have proven to provide versatility and longevity and you get value for your money.

Like everyone else, I feel the economic blow of COVID-19. Hence, I spend time shopping in my wardrobe reinventing new ways to style items from brands I love. In today’s post, I will be showing you how to style the SGTC Shirt and Skirt Set.

6 Ways I styled SGTC Clothing shirt and skirt set

With a two-piece set, you get value for your money – the price of one for two. Sets are a must-have and very versatile wardrobe staples that can be styled in multiple ways.

Styling the set as it is

This set can be dressed up or down depending on the occasion. Styling sets gives you the opportunity to experiment with different items in your wardrobe. So far, I have styled and be styled collectively in six different unique ways.

1. The SGTC shirt and skirt set

bytonye - sgtc clothing in 6 unique ways

SGTC Clothing singlehandedly picked the right prints to go together. What better way to wear this set than just the way it is – paired together without causing pain to the eyes. I love everything about this set especially the colour and the fact it made it to an unplanned collaborative look featuring Opeyemi of opeyemisdiary.

2. Dressed up

I tucked in and buttoned up the shirt. My friend Kevin brought his styling skills and added a bit of contrast by introducing a scarf tied as a belt. You can apply this method when styling prints – pick a contract colour to pair with prints.

bytonye - sgtc clothing in 6 unique ways

3. Dressed down

Kevin tucked the collars of the shirt in, clipped the skirt up to make it shorter and finished the look with my diy beret and retro sunglasses.

bytonye - sgtc clothing in 6 unique ways

Styled separately

One thing I would do with any piece of item I own is discovering new ways to pair them with other items in my wardrobe. You should check your wardrobe, there are outfits you have not paired together.

4. Styling the SGTC Skirt with cobalt blue blouse

bytonye - sgtc clothing in 6 unique ways

One of the ways to style prints effortlessly is to find elements in prints and pair with similar colours. On the skirt, there is a strip of cobalt blue traced around the flower templates on the print. I wore a cobalt blue blouse from Opeyemi and bag from her brand Ile Esho. To finish the look, I accessorised with red strap heels, red mini bag and scarf around my neck. You can wear this look to the office or a formal meeting.

5. Paired with a polka dot blouse

The SGTC skirt also had the same element I picked to style the shirt.  I paired it with a smaller size print of polka dots. A stylish blouse with a slant cut out on one side with a strip that goes around the neck. To finish the look I paired it with a nude strap heels to also match elements on the skirt.

bytonye - sgtc clothing in 6 unique ways

6. Styling the SGTC shirt

I pulled the sleeves up, pulled the shirt back, rolled the bottom of the shirt and tied a knot in front. To style this shirt, I picked an element on the skirt – I found this polka dot dress, wore it as a skirt and finished the look with a fuchsia pink mules.

bytonye - sgtc clothing in 6 unique ways

Now tell me, which look is your favourite? At every point, I like all looks but currently I love how I styled the shirt with the polka dot bottom and mules. Which local brand are you considering to support during this pandemic outbreak?

Thanks for reading.


  1. The cobalt blue top and scarf look was my favourite but all the other s were perfect still.

  2. I love it all especially styled with the blue top and as a shorter skirt.

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