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Top 5 Christmas Destinations You Will Love To Visit

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Every country around the world have their own unique way of celebrating Christmas. This could be a good reason for you to explore the world which might be to see the hugest Christmas tree in Dubai or see a Christmas village where the Christmas story come to live. Whatever reason you may want to travel, consider this top Christmas destinations.

  • Senegal

One wouldn’t expect to see in a country that’s 95 percent Muslim would celebrate Christmas? This time of year, when you take a walk in the streets of Dakar—the capital city of Senegal, that is 92%-95% Muslim in one of the hottest parts of the world, you stumble upon decorated snowmen, Christmas trees with cotton snowballs, traditional masks covered in Christmas lights. It lifts your spirits and gives you hope the end of the world might not be as near as it seems. Christmas is alive and well in Senegal, with and shops offering a variety of items, such as chocolate snowmen and plastic trees. Mosques and churches are decked out in lights, and schoolchildren sing carols and learn about Santa Claus, or Père Noel, as he’s called in this former French colony. One school even hosts a party where teachers place gifts under a tree and Père Noel appears to pass them out to students.Not so many airlines go to Senegal from Nigeria but you are sure to find a flight on Arik Air.

  • Austria

There are so many reasons to enjoy Christmas in Austria.  Cities are dressed to impress with twinkling fairy lights and giant Christmas trees, Christmas markets entice visitors with their tempting aromas of roasting chestnuts and gingerbread, and snowy landscapes put everyone in the festive spirit. Although December 24 is not a public holiday in Austria (most shops and businesses close early afternoon), Austrians celebrate Christmas on Christmas Eve.  People gather for the evening meal, gifts are exchanged before Christmas church services are attended. Austrian Christmas food usually comprises of sausage soup, cod or duck and there are plenty of sweet treats such as lebkuchen and my favourite, Vanillekipferl, for afters.  And if you’re wondering how to say Merry Christmas in Austrian (German is the spoken language), it’s Frohe Weihnachten.

  • Copenhagen

Christmas in Copenhagen embodies the concept of hygge where locals and visitors enjoy themselves and some delicious treats surrounded by loved ones and in intimate, cosy settings. For instance Tivoli Gardens, the Christmas markets, and the many quality restaurants serving up traditional, Danish Christmas delicacies. If you are staying in Copenhagen between Christmas and New Year’s Eve, please note that some attractions, shops and restaurants are closed or operate with shorter opening hours than usual.  But with a little bit of planning ahead, there are still plenty of things to do and see. A New Year’s tradition is the Royal Guards’ parade through the city centre on the first day of the year. At noon, you can experience the Band of the Royal Life Guards arrive at Amalienborg Caste wearing the characteristic red galla uniform.

  • Malta

Christmas in Malta may not be what you expect it to be, but it does have its own unique “flavors” and “vibe” to it that you’ll only find in Malta. No, Christmas in the Maltese islands does not include building snowmen or skiing down a snow-covered mountain but there are may other things you can do, see and experience. In Malta, the Christmas crib is a very common tradition dating back many years. The tiny island of Gozo has taken it a step further and built its very own 20,000 square meter “Christmas village” where the whole Christmas story comes to life acted out by actors with decorations themed around christmas destinations

  • Dubai

It would be much to say that Christmas in Dubai is the same as in Europe or America, but thanks to Dubai tolerance towards religions, and the fact that Christmas has become one of the most commercial celebration in the world, Dubai actually celebrates the event in its own way. The real meaning of Christmas is actually long gone, and the celebration is now about gathering families, sharing good moments, and eventually exchanging gifts with our loved ones. From Dubai’s point of view, it seems like it’s a competition of which Christmas tree will be the hugest.

What’s one of our top Christmas destinations and which of these cities would you love to visit

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