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My Top 6 Aliexpress Fashion Stores – Aliexpress Shopping

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As some of you may  know, I am a huge Aliexpress fan. I have being shopping on Aliexpress since 2011 and I buy almost anything from Aliexpress. Aliexpress is perfect for anyone who wants to live on a budget and they have a lot of cool items to tickle your fancy. Most Aliexpress fashion stores put in the time and work to make sure you are satisfied with items you buy. You can find a broad range of favourite fashion items for everyone with the help of which you can significantly improve your looks.

Lately, I have been getting questions about how I get quality items on Aliexpress. I take out my time almost everyday to search for credible fashion stores on Aliexpress. From my research and constant buys, I found my top Aliexpress fashion stores.

I know it can be difficult to find pieces on Aliexpress. Either because you have made a bad choice or you couldn’t find a good store to patronize so I decided to facilitate your task of ordering on Aliexpress and in today’s post I will be sharing my top 6 Aliexpress fashion stores.

Aliexpress Fashion Stores You Need To Add To Your Favourite Aliexpress Store List

From this 6 stores, you get to a feel of my style in fashion. Due to countless review from this Aliexpress fashion stores customers, I am drawn to them and I add them to my favorite store list. In no particular order, these are my top 7 Aliexpress fashion stores. All brands are top brands on Aliexpress and links are direct link to the stores, take your time and do your research, you might find something interesting.

Aliexpress Shopping tip: Add all this stores on your favourite list. You get relevant items related to the stores displayed on your home (especially if you are using a mobile app).

1. Shein

Shein is one of the world’s largest online fashion retailers offering the latest in cutting edge style and trends. They provide our customers with a variety of the hottest looks at the hottest prices. Shein is one of the top Aliexpress Fashion stores, not only are they a top brand, their items are of good quality. I prefer to shop from Shein on Aliexpress because every item are sold at free shipping but at Shein main website, you have to buy a certain amount to qualify for free shipping. Items are affordable and come gets to Nigeria in 2 weeks (don’t quote me on this!) but because of numerous orders coming into Nigeria, you might get your order in 3 weeks. This depends on the Post Office functionality. Shein top - Aliexpress Fashion Stores

2. Miss Ord

Amongst all Aliexpress women dresses, Miss Ord screams class and elegance. Apart from the fact that they stock all kinds of dresses, they also stock trendy items from time to time. They stock dresses from party dress to evening dresses and their prices varies. Some items may fall above your budget but its totally not a bad investment. I got this jumpsuit from them and believe me when I say, the garment was made to perfection, not a single thread sticking out. Shipping prices and shipping time varies. Miss Ord is not a regular store on Aliexpress. Just like Shein they also have their own website, I have never shopped from their website. If you will like to connect with them you can follow them on Instagram @missorddream

Missord jumpsuit - Aliexpress Fashion Stores

3. Simplee

This is another Aliexpress fashion store just like Shein but this store is a bit reserved. Simplee stock all kind of clothing. I got my polka dot wrap dress from this store. I can’t remember things I have bought from them but this polka dot is fresh in my mind. With the number of times I have worn this dress, its safe to say that I made a good buy. Their stock quality items and are very affordable. What more can I stay, take a look at their store and tell me what you think

Simplee wrap dress - Aliexpress Fashion Stores

4. Deleventh

I recently just discovered this shoe brand on Aliexpress. I have bought 2 shoes from this store. The shoes are well made and very comfortable. They are a bit too high but I am not complaining. They have really beautiful shoes and also pocket friendly. So far, they are a top Aliexpress shoes brand and I highly recommend them. Deleventh shoes - Aliexpress Fashion Stores

5. Sojos Vision

If you have been following me for a while, you might remember when I used one of this glasses to make a DIY Chanel glasses. I choose to buy Aliexpress sunglasses and not ashamed of it. Most sunglasses vendors in Nigeria buy from Aliexpress or China, repackage or re-brand and add spike up the prices, lol! Anyway, Sojos Vision is a legit sunglasses brand, well branded and very affordable and shipping is free for all items in their store. You can find them on Instagram @sojosvision Sojos Vision - Aliexpress Fashion Stores

6. Vodeshanliwen

Most Aliexpress jewelries do not cut the chase for me, they do not stand the test of time and can be a really bad buy but this brand Vodeshanliwen is quiet the opposite. Their jewelries are pretty affordable, and they look exactly just as nice as seen in their picture. Shipping is also free. Vodeshanliwen earrings - Aliexpress Fashion Stores

Disclaimer: In no way am I an affiliate to any brand mentioned including Aliexpress. this list was compiled based on my personal research and experience.

If you liked this post, don’t rush to close this page. In an older post I shared an ultimate Aliexpress shopping guide. I shared helpful tips in case you want to shop from Aliexpress.

I hope this post was very helpful. Have you tried buying anything from Aliexpress? Would you like to see what I have on my wishlist?




  1. I see youre a fan of polka dots. Needed to add more shops to my favourites on AliExpress, and your post came to the rescue. Thank you

    1. Thank you. I’m happy you found what you needed.

  2. Will definitely try those out. I’m always a little bit afraid of shopping through Aliexpress, but maybe it’s time for me to give it another shot. Great post!

    1. Thank you Amy, I can assure you will get good quality items most especially from Shein.

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