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After a long day of work, many people dream about getting away to enjoy a relaxing bath, or even a spa treatment. Often times, it is difficult for most of us to create time to get ourselves pampered. Would you jump on a free spa day? I most definitely would not slack.  I was invited by the owner of Guru’s Nest to come in for a traditional spa session to enjoy first-hand holistic experience. As working ladies, self-care is crucial to staying healthy and happy (which in turn, makes us boost our work flow), so I love what Guru’s Nest has to offer.

Traditional Spa Day At Guru's Nest

Traditional spa treatments are one of the best ways to revitalize yourself. The word “Spa” has been derived from Latin word “Sanitas per Aquam” which means procurement of good health by the help of essential oils, natural herbs and water. Various natural oils and herbs are considered to be one of the best ways to revitalize your skin. Traditional spa treatments are being practiced since ancient times and have gained more popularity among spa-goers.

Traditional Spa Day At Guru's Nest

I spoke to the owner of Guru’s Nest, about her unique local business.

For people who have not been yet, can you please describe Guru’s Nest?

Guru’s nest is a feminine holistic traditional spa – a skincare and wellness brand. At guru’s nest we attend to women of all shapes and forms- ensuring their skin is as beautiful as they are.

When did you open and what was your inspiration?

We opened 1st of June, 2019. The inspiration behind our brand is simple – I saw the need for females to come to a safe space, unwind and be pampered. There was an urge to create a home away from home for women. Hence the name Guru’s Nest.

Traditional Spa Day At Guru's Nest

What separates you from other traditional spas?

At Guru’s Nest, you will find an integrated approach to skincare and wellness that incorporates personalized facials, a curated selection of products, specialized massages and more. Our services are profound and top-notch.

What are the services offered at Gurus Nest?

Body polishing and glow, vagina steaming, body steaming , sugar waxing, henna, facials etc.

Traditional Spa Day At Guru's Nest

Guru’s Nest has 3 packages and I got to do the Diamond package. Packages offered at Guru’s Nest consists of:

  1. Diamond package – full body polishing and scrubbing, 24k gold facial or any facial you choose(we have 4), Vagina steaming, full body waxing and sauna
  2. Jade package – body polishing and scrubbing, Guru’s delight facial, vagina steaming, sauna,waxing(legs or arms) and sauna
  3. Sapphire package – sauna,vagina steaming and leg waxing

Visit Guru’s Nest on Instagram for more information and to book an appointment. Use the code BYTONYE for 5% off your first visit.

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  1. Mide says:

    This is a very different type of spa and it’s something i would love to try, love the traditional vibe too.
    Great post Tonye💜

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