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Youskin Product Review: A New Skin after #BeYouTifulwithYouSkin Challenge

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If you have been following me for the past four week on Instagram through the #BeYouTifulwithYouSkin campaign using Youskin products, you can testify that my skin has loved the products that it glows like never before. For a while now, I have been putting together budget skincare products for my skin and one product I needed was a Vitamin C serum. After researching hard on the benefits of Vitamin C: a sun care staple, speeding up healing process of skincare damage and sunburn healing, working wonders for anti-aging purposes minimizing fine lines and wrinkles, extra hydrating and protects from future damages. While at it, I kept taking oranges for all of these benefits and most especially for a more radiant skin.

Youskin Vitamin C productsWhen Youtopia Beauty reached out to me to join the #BeYouTifulwithYouSkin campaign, I jumped right at it! They sent their products that contains Vitamin C and would help me achieve a glowing healthy skin. In todayโ€™s post, I will be sharing what each product does and my experience.

Youskin of Youtopia Beauty

Youskin is a skincare product by a Nigerian brand, Youtopia Beauty. It is an innovative and luxurious skincare brand committed to enhancing the natural beauty of every woman. They aim at providing the right products (high-grade, stable) with right ingredients (natural ingredients) to tackle skin issues and improve the skin of all skin types. Their products ranges from acne kit to the vitamin C set as well as stock other skincare products.

Youskin Vitamin C products


I received three products from Youtopia Beauty: Youskin Vitamin C cleanser C, Youskin Vitamin C facial serum, Radha Beauty Miracle Retinol Moisturizer.

YouSkin Vitamin C Cleanser

The cleanser is an age-defying face wash for all skin types that contains vitamin c, rosehip oil, aloe vera and licorice. Youskin vitamin C cleanser helps fade sunspots and discoloration, refines skin texture and reduces wrinkle formulation as well as minimizes existing wrinkles.Youskin Vitamin C Cleanser

Youskin Vitamin C Facial Serum

This serum contains all the Vitamin C that helps restore and protect the skin. It increases collagen and inhibit melanin, generating a more youthful complexion.

Youskin Vitamin C Serum

Radha Miracle Retinol Moisturizer

This moisturizer is formulated with a 2.5% Retinol complex that provides both immediate and long-term release to promote radiant skin. It supports natural cell turnover to improve skin texture and tone. The appearance of lines, wrinkles and enlarged pores is softened, revealing new skin with a youthful glow.

Radha Miracle Retinol Moisturizer - Youskin challenge

My New Skin with YouSkin

I just completed the #BeYouTifulwithYouSkin challenge hence this post but I must say; my skin is popping. Iโ€™m not exaggerating or trying to hype this products. It is what is! My new skin is popping. I made sure I followed the instruction of use.

In the morning, I make sure my hands are clean. Then I wash my face with Youskin Vitamin C cleanser. The cleanser lathers a little bit but cleanses my face very well. I massage my face with the cleanser, and then use my facial brush to wash my face thoroughly. After which I use a facial toner (I had to stop using the toner because it was drying up my skin}. Then I apply 8 drops of Youskin vitamin C serum, dab it all over my face, and allow my skin to absorb it. The serum gives me a glow at an instance, which I love. I also noticed that the age spots on my face reduced to nothing. Then I moisturise with Radha miracle retinol moisturizer. This moisturiser is indeed a miracle. A little goes a long way. Itโ€™s a non-greasy moisturizer and so far the best moisturizer I have used. It feels good on the skin.

A New YouskinAt the end of the day, my skincare routine is the same except when I have to makeup then I remove my makeup with coconut oil and wash my face before using these products.

Will I be shopping these items? I just found a new skincare routine that works for me and I am sticking to it. Yes, I be adding these items to my skincare regime.

Where to Shop

You can shop these items by visiting their website or send a direct message on Instagram. Youtopia Beauty provides a swift shipping and delivery worldwide and nationwide.

By simply adding these products to your skincare routine, you are achieve a radiant skin or a glowing face and are much less likely to develop further skin issues like age spots, discoloration etc.

How do you achieve a radiant/glowing skin? What is the key ingredients you look out for in a skincare product? Have you tried any of these products? Would you try any of these three Youskin products?

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  1. Hi, ladies I paid for youtopia serum and pixi since last month, don’t know if this is a scam as I have not gotten my products yet. All effort to contact their customer care has proved abortive. I need answers please.

    1. Hi Grace, Did order from their website or through their Instagram page, try reaching to them on IG.

  2. I have my eyes on the moisturizer already.

    1. The moisturizer is the real deal. It contains citric acid which is gotten from orange and has all the benefits of vitamin C that’s helps in skin restoration. If you ask me, its a very good product for ladies from 25 years. thanks dear for always stopping by. *Kisses*

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