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A very happy new week beautiful people! It’s been a minute, which wasn’t my intention to leave you guys for a month without a single post – there’s a reason, that being that “real life happened” – I’m sorry and promise to bring banging new post often. I’ve been working tirelessly, day and night to build my brand – researching, sourcing for products, production etc. – I will spare you guys from all the details, when it’s all set you guys will be the first to know. That being said, Have you been chasing your dreams in heels? I’ve been chasing my dreams definitely not me running to catch my dreams wearing heels. Find out how:

Chasing your dreams in high heels

When you really want to chase dreams literally your heels will come off, a pair of comfy slides, jeans and T-shirts or whatever you feel comfortable in to go in your grind will be your to go outfit. To chase your dreams in high heels is to chase your vision in absolute flamboyant confidence and elegance. Over confidence or lack of it keeps many people away from chasing their dreams.

Find the courage to start a plan to put to work. My journal happens to be my closest pal, I document my plans, my to-do list ( I never start my day without a to-do list) and achieved task. A plan they say, without action is worthless. Your dreams won’t come to existence without you putting it into action.



It’s hard and scary chasing your dreams. There are times where we will feel fear, excitement, doubt, confusion, discouraged, and less motivated, all forms of emotions and sometimes when this happens I cry out my emotions and dust myself up, no one is going to take all of these emotions from your head except you. So you have to be the boss of you.


I highly recommend that you stay positive when chasing your dreams before taking it to actualization. Sometimes life is about risking everything for a dream no one can see but you. Be fearless in the pursuit of what sets your soul on fire. Never let your fear decide your future.

Today’s outfit is me starting my week as a LADY and a BOSS in the making. #LADYBOSS. I paired black print shirt with royal blue, black stilettos and my favorite new sunglasses.

I hope you like this post! What are the steps you take when you need to chase your dreams? Let talk in the comment section!




  1. Your style is far too lovely. I’d like to chase my dreams looking radiant and stunning. You said to stay positive, but it’s quite tough to do so when you’ve fallen quite a number of times. If only people could be more resilient to life’s hacks

    1. Thanks dear. My point exactly, chasing dreams in elegance aura. Staying positive in a difficult situation will make us stronger and believe more in what we want to achieve. When we fall the best thing to do is to note pitfalls and provide solutions rather than dwell in pitiful state and negativity.

  2. I cry when I feel like or if I haven’t cried in a long time, I just stay in the bathroom and cry my heart out. This is my first time here and I like this post. Cheers to reading more from you and I am looking forward to the project you’re working on. ? ?

    1. Trust me crying helps. It has a way of relieving tension. Thanks Ella for stopping by ?
      I can’t wait to show what I’ve been up to.

  3. You have said it all in the post Tonye. And I like that you stated you cry to let out all the emotions. Chasing your dreams can be quite tough/ hard but you owe yourself to be the very best you can be. You go girl!!!

    1. Cry out and come out with brave face like nothing happened. Thanks dear for stopping by?

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