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Waking up with a full set of black curled lashes is a GAME CHANGER! Individual lashes make the biggest difference, it’s makes your eyes look bigger and natural, so why not diy individual eyelash extensions. I feel like I’m 70% ready for the day before I even start putting my makeup on.

DIY Individual Eyelash Extension

I got my lashes and glue from Aliexpress. You can click the link below to purchase.

The Glue
The glue is a black glue and is a much stronger bond and can last up to a week or more depending on how well you apply them.

Click here to purchase glue. 

DIY Individual eyelash extension

The Lashes.
These are synthetic single lash with over 300 lash in a container. The size of lashes I used is 12mm long, 0.15 thick in style C

Click here to purchase lashes. 

DIY Individual eyelash extension

I opted for a natural look so I applied only one layer. To get a fuller look, you can apply two layers depending on how you want the lashes to look.

Applying the lash, you have control over how much lash you want but not the same for the glue. Too little glue, the lash doesn’t last or might fall off in no time. Too much glue, it disrupts your eyes and makes the lash look tacky.

Comparing the prices of going to eyelashes extension done in the salon and you buying what you will need to get lashes done, you will be saving a lot.

What you will need:

DIY Individual Eyelash Extension

Mascara wand

How to:

1. Make sure you read the instructions on the glue.

DIY Individual Eyelash Extension

2. Make sure you eyelashes are very clean, free from oils and makeup product.

DIY individual eyelashes extension at home

3. Pour a drop of glue on a flat surface.

DIY individual eyelash extension

4. With you tweezers, pick the lashes and dip the tip to be attached to your lashes into the glue.

DIY Individual Eyelash Extension

DIY Individual Eyelash Extension

5. Now, with your mirror in front of you, place the lashes where you want it to be. Apply one lash at a time next to each other.Avoid contact with your skin and pupil.

DIY individual eyelashes extension at home

DIY individual eyelashes extension at home

6. If you want to do two layers, apply one lash at a time next to each other from one end to the other. After that apply the second layer on top of the first layer.

7. Repeat steps for the second eyes.

 DIY individual eyelashes extension at home

When doing your eyelashes don’t expect it to be gracious like when you get it done in the salon. Keep practicing by doing it yourself, you will definitely get the hang of it.

Practise makes perfection!

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  1. ihuoma says:

    Nice work. I don’t know if I’ll ever have the courage to try it out myself but it looks good. I may just try…just maybe. Great post!

    1. Thanks dear, I wear strip lashes myself, wearing contact is pretty easy too. I think to get the courage, you have to be used to doing stuffs around your eyes.

      1. ihuoma says:

        mmm, I think it’s to try it and see how I feel about it, then decide if it’s for me or not

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