diy upcycled bedside lamp


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One element that can help you achieve a comfortable and a cosy bedroom is to have a personalized items. A DIY piece can add warmth and character to the room and a simple DIY project could be an upcycled bedside lamp.Β 

While I was searching for home items on Jumia’s website, I found this cute bedside lamp – plain white with wood design. I added it to cart instantly because I knew I was going to upcycle the lamp. I liked that it fits my home space. It would add a little light at bedtime before sleeping off.

diy upcycled bedside lampIn case you did not know, I am part of the Jumia Home Makeover campaign – #JumiaHomeMakover which requires me to create interesting recycling hacks and tips as well as shop for home items like the bedside lamp from Jumia Nigeria.

Bring a little light into your bedroom with this upcycled bedside lamp. Here’s how its made!

What you would need:

  • A bedside lamp
  • Fabric
  • glue gun
  • scissors

diy upcycled bedside lampStep 1

I loosened a pillow case from one of the bed sheets I got from Jumia and trimmed rough edges. measured the size of the lamp and cut my fabric with a little allowance.

Step 2

With my glue gun, I applied glue to the edge of the fabric and wrapped it around the bedside lamp.


diy upcycled bedside lamp

What do you think of my new upcycled bedside lamp?Β 

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  1. Anonymous says:

    Dear Tonye, WOW. Enjoyed reading this DiY because you gave it a clean, clear and simply process… And it looks so good. Definitely, will try it. Let me go check more of your DIY’s now…

    Sharon of

    1. Hi Sharon, Thank you so much for the compliments. I hope you liked the rest of my diys.

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