Off-the-shoulder Top X Ankara Skater Skirt

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My love for ankara fabric and bare shoulder lately is really overwhelming, so I decided to pair my two favourites – off-the-shoulder top and ankara skater skirt together. I wore this ankara skater skirt with the bralet that I made for Christmas here.

This outfit is me just playing dress-up and I’m so in love with it.

How I made the skater skirt, continue after the jump…

Skater skirt

All you’ll need:

  • Fabric
  • Sewing machine
  • Zipper
  • Thread
  • Measuring tape
  • Office pins

First, you cut 2 rectangular pieces for the waist band which will be the waist measurement and add 2inches. Place a stitch witchery on the wrong side of one fabric. Then sew the order rectangle together.


Then for the skater, you fold your fabric twice to form 4 joined square.


To cut the waist measurement; measure your waist around you belly button with a tape, mine is 28, the radius will be r=28/2π, where π = 3.14 and note the radius of your waist measurement. At the joined corner, where all four square meet, measure your waist radius, add 2 inches and pin it.


Skater skirt

To cut the skirt length; From the waist measurement cut, place you tape from there, add 2 inches to  your desired skirt length.

Skater skirt

Attach the waist band to the skirt, then sew together. Fold the waist band ends by 1 inch. Place your zipper and the sew it. The hem of the skirt, fold 1inch twice and sew it round.

skater skirt

Skater skirt

Skater skirt

Viola!  You’ve got yourself  skater skirt!

ankara skater skirt

ankara skater skirt

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  1. I love the outfit, ypu lokkd beautiful in it! Its so detailed I’m going to try this at home !

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