Things to do: Covid-19

Things To Do: How People Are Coping During The COVID-19 Lockdown

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My anxiety has deprived me of sleep. I write this article at a time (1:09am) when I should be asleep like most people. No one is coping the same way during this covid-19 lockdown. Few people are doing just fine. Some of us are going through anxiety, stress and depression but we are all occupying ourselves with different tasks while we are at home.

For someone who has gotten out of depression successfully, you would think I would be prepared to go through this kind of phase. My coping mechanism during this covid-19 lockdown has been to continue my daily routine as always, being creative, planning and executing my ideas. If I’m not being productive, my anxiety would have the best of me – I would literally go insane.

Just out of curiosity, I decided to create a template for people to share things they have been doing to keep themselves occupied this period and here’s what they been up to:

World Health Organization recommends that we stay active at home. Try exercise classes online, dance to music, play video games, do some muscle strength and balance training amongst other activities to stay active at home during this COVID-19 outbreak. If you are working from home, regularly check your posture and break up sitting and stand up at intervals.


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